When we go through our everyday routine of checking email, eating fresh fruit in the middle of winter and working in climate-controlled buildings, we become ignorant of the hidden costs behind these many inconspicuous luxuries. The high costs on our environment in the form of climate change are scary and therefore, it is understandable that we attempt to forget about them. The idea of having a micro-topia to escape from the realities that surround us when we discuss the anthropocene is something to which everyone can relate. In a way, I see the routines that we all fall into a sort of micro-topia, where we feel as though we have control over our lives and where we are able to reinforce the ideas that stability will bring happiness.

However, in the current anthropocene, there is an ever increasing amount of volatility which to some extent is inevitable. Breaking out of our habits will be the only course of action against a fast changing climate, with deviations from our typical choices being a necessity. Art will also play a large role in this as art confronts us with a different way to view the world that we shape and what is necessary is a change in our collective mindset away from the routine and toward something unexpected.