Real Talk

“Real Talk” is a phrase of urban vernacular that has several different connotations. For the most part, whether it is being used as a noun or adverb, it is either an assertion of a radical honesty or an expression of 100 percent agreement with another person. GQ has attributed the title “Real Talk” to its forums for the purpose of emphasizing honesty and openness when students of the Colby community come together to address social issues. Sometimes intellectual growth is stunted when people cannot share and listen to purely honest opinions. GQ engages in weekly REAL TALKS throughout the year with club members and will host an annual REAL TALK  forum directed toward the wider Colby community. Though radical honesty can be difficult, risky, and discouraged many times in society, we still encourage the Colby community to engage in honest discourse with us so that we can listen to, learn from, and respect each other while critically addressing real issues and true ideas that influence the world around us.  Join us for the next REAL TALK because we wish to broaden the campus’ perspective on social issues, and we value your opinion.

Spring Real Talks: 

April 14: Dating Culture at Colby

April 23: Dream World and Taking Back the Night


Fall Real Talks:

November 2nd: What’s Our Beef With Men?

November 9th:There is NO Demand for Gentlemen!

November 16th: Hip-Hop and Beyond