REAL TALK: Hip-Hop and Beyond

Questions and topics of discussion will be generated from the movie screening of “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes.” Join us for Real Talk, Friday at 7:30pm in the Pugh Center as we talk about masculinity and social issues in the lens of Hip-Hop culture.

There is NO demand for gentlemen at Colby College

Real talk: never mind “quality”, there is no demand for gentlemen at Colby College! Doesn’t it seem like the standards are set too low for men at this school? Is it me or is there a lack of accountability amongst the male student body, especially in regards to sexual assault, violence, and civil behavior in general? Then again, how is it expected for men to act like gentlemen when women are not acting like ladies? Yet, why would it matter how women act?

REAL TALK: “There is NO demand for gentlemen at Colby College!” Friday November 9th @ 8:00pm in Apt 147.

What’s Our Beef With Men?

Real talk: doesn’t it bother you when men feel the need to challenge each other all the time? Or what about when men are disgusting and act as if their lack of manners is excused by their manhood? Or how about the lack of responsibility some of us men seem to have when it comes to women’s pregnancy? Or generally, don’t you hate it when guys are just plain dishonest to the women in their lives?

REAL TALK: “What’s our beef with men?” Friday, November 2nd @ 6:30pm in Dana Camp Room.

Spring Real Talk: “What Will Make us Happy?”

Mark your calendars:

APRIL 26 @ 7:15- Pugh

What will make us happy with the hook-up culture, dating, and gender and sexuality issues at Colby College? What are the hard questions we want men and women to answer and the responses we want to hold them accountable for? How do we address the elephants in the room? What are the grey areas when considering sex, sexual assault, and perceptions of masculinity and femininity? Send your questions, thoughts, concerns, and ideas to and attend REAL TALK April 26th.

Real Talk

The planning for a Spring Real Talk forum is underway.