Global Citizens or Elite Citizen?

UNESCRP Global Citizen Education After looking at The Croft School’s website for a bit I began to see a lot of connections with my old middle and high school. One of the biggest similarities is the idea of global citizenship. I remember when I was in school we had two field lessons a month. One was to go see universities/colleges and the other was to go do community service. I remember that we used to go to parks and spend the day planting trees, repainting signs or walls, and picking up trash. When we were out on field lessons, one of our mottos was to always leave the place better than we found it. The difference between The Croft School and our school was that we weren’t focused on being global citizens we were focused on giving back to our community.

We visited parks and neighborhoods around our school and where we came from and when wherever we went, we made a difference. We focused on our immediate future and tried to clean up the areas that we spent most of our time in. We knew that once we graduated school we would be going out to bigger places and making a difference wherever we ended up, but we had to start in the places where we lived. One can’t expect to change the world without taking care of business in their backyard.


On The Croft School’s website, one thing that stood out was the following quote: “We want to form young people who will be useful to the country and are trustworthy.” This made me question, how involved are they teaching their students to be? Are they teaching them to get involved in the community no matter what the issue may be? Or are they teaching them to pick and choose what they get involved in? I believe that as elite members of society they have to watch their reputation. I wouldn’t see these kids being taught to get involved in events like the protest for free education in Chile because of a fear of being kicked out of their school and their elite group. How useful are they teaching their kids to really be? Are they really teaching them to be part of a global community or the globally elite?