Globally Elite – A Social Justice Project on Privilege

Our Story

We are interested in the question: What is the role of global citizenship education in shaping students self-understanding in elite schools?

Global Sites


The present study focuses on elite schools in six countries: Australia, Chile, Denmark, Ghana, Jordan, and Taiwan.

The Research

Our project is a multisited global ethnography of the role that global citizenship education plays in shaping students’ self-understandings at elite schools.

Adam Howard

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“Professor Howard has been the most influential and impactful academic experience I have had at Colby. He does a terrific job of engaging with and relating to his students, as well as allowing them to participate in real educational research as undergraduate students.” -Patrick Stewart

The Researchers

“The more that I have involved students in all aspects of the research project the more that it has convinced me that that’s what I need to be doing. They’ll ask different kinds of questions, they’ll challenge me to think differently about the research project and what I actually need to be doing” -Adam Howard

Globally Elite – A Social Justice Project on Privilege