Alumni News

2013 – Susannah Hufstader ’12  returned to campus this summer before moving on to graduate school in history at the University of Chicago in the fall.

2015 – Clifford Katz ’11 write about his upcoming move to the West Coast:

… I’m moving out to Los Angeles in July to commence a dual MBA-Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Southern California, the very same university that suspended its undergraduate German program in 2009, though apparently has revived it…you might appreciate that one of my professors is from Hannover. His wife is Viennese…

2013 – Ramsey Meigs ’11 beautifully documents his “Life As A Forester in the Oregon Coast Range” on his blog:

…  I am learning everything it takes to manage a tree farm, and more. 5-Year Plan: I have my eyes set on a dual MBA/Master in Forestry from Yale.  If all goes well, I will organize an internship with a forester I befriended last year in the N. Hessen/Sauerland region before heading off the grad school.

2016 – Justin Mohler ’09 continues to make headlines as a graduate student in German at the University of Washington! DHSI participant in Vancouver, interviewer, Max Kade Fellow and conference organizer…

2014 – Elizabeth Schneider ’12 is finishing up her second year as a Fulbright ETA in beautiful Vienna! Congratulations!

2014 – Carter Stevens ’13 joined us in the fall as an Alumni Career panelist on “Globalizing Pathways”:

After graduating from Colby, he spent the summer working for a political campaign in Massachusetts, then spent 10 months on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in northwestern Germany.  He worked at a high school for German college-bound students and taught English in addition to historical and cross-cultural topics (some of my favorite being on the Civil War and Native Americans).  He spent a lot of time travelling and meeting people during his time in Europe.  He is now in law school at American University in D.C. doing a dual J.D./M.A. International Relations program.

2013 – Suzanne Swartz ’07 visited Colby in March for a presentation to students thinking about graduate school:

…I majored in German Studies and History, and was an English Language Assistant in Austria the year after I graduated. Please feel free to pass my contact information on to students; I’m happy to speak with anyone thinking about study abroad, language assistantships, and ways to continue with German after they graduate.

2012 – Melanie Ungar ’08 joined an Alumni Panel at Colby this fall and reported good news:

…Things are going well. I passed my exams last spring and am working on my prospectus and first chapter now. … I’m writing on issues of gender and humor in Fontane, Mann, Ebner-Eschenbach, …. I’ve been abroad for at least a month every summer – twice with Duke in Berlin and once at the Uni Duisburg-Essen, and I’m applying to go abroad next year either to Tuebingen (through UNC) or Berlin (through Duke). … I taught at UNC for two years, and now I’m teaching at Duke, which is a very interesting change.

2013 – James Violette ’11 just began his graduate studies in English and History at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, after two years as Fulbright ETA in Austria. Rumor has it that he is busy planning someone’s wedding.

2016 – Karat Witherill ’15 apparently had the time of her life as a Fulbright ETA in Germany. Her blog ‘From Maine to the Main’ offers some insights into the life of a Colby Fulbrighter in Germany (and beyond)!