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Last Thought

Before I went off to my first class for spring semester (well, classes have been started already), I was looking at the stuff I covered and experienced from a wonderful trip I had. That windy feeling of riding moped. The … Continue reading

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We made a small research presentation of Bermuda’s carbonate organisms. My assignment was to look something about Bermuda snails.

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Covering the entire island

We had our long day touring by our scooters and observing the geologic interests of Bermuda. Starting from our site in St. George’s, which is located at the upper north east, all the way around to Jobson’s Cove to Chaplin … Continue reading

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Land Exploration

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Exhausted from writing. Hopefully pictures worth some non-zero amount of words.

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Graceful Marine

The last time I went for the swimming was when I had to cross 100 meters to pass the physical exam as a part of graduation requirement in high school. I knew how to swim, but I’ve been avoiding tuning … Continue reading

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Yes, my friends write about how moped riding experience is thrilling, but I am going to put my thought on fun-sized motorcycle anyway because I’m obsessed with it. I am not really a speed enthusiast. When Bruce told us our … Continue reading

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Cool beans Bermuda

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Ever since I came across the Pacific and started living at the tip of the West coast about a decade ago, I’ve always been wishing to go across the continent and beyond. It turns out that my first destination across … Continue reading

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