Endless Discussion

After having more than a week back on the mainland under my belt, I’ve found myself saying a few things over and over again:

  1. I learned so much about such a small place in a very short period of time
  2. I was constantly awed by the vastness of the sea
  3. Coral Reefs continue to fascinate me
  4. Bermuda is a very special place, one that I hope to return to very soon

Being able to experience a place, feel the sand between my toes, fingers, and hand lens, and be fully immersed makes an experience so much more tangible than a memory. I feel like I spent an entire semester on the island, only to realize my acquaintance was ten short days. 

The geology of the island is fascinating not only for its aesthetics, but also for its depth of history. Geology tells a story of a past time. Take the beach at Devonshire Bay, where we found two formations a paleosol, fossilized snails and West Indian top shells. At one point, there was no rock above which was formed by a dune. Before the dune there was vegetation, as evident by the paleosol (ancient layer of soil), and before that there was a higher sea level (topshells). It seems everywhere we went, we were told a story of grandeur.

Hailing from Cape Cod, I’m used to ocean views, but I am also used to a continent to my back. It seems silly, but the distanced nature of the island lends it a somewhat mythical feel; things just seem a bit more mysterious.

I loved the coral on the island. Though I’ve seen more magnificent reefs bursting with color and teeming with life, I felt that the simplicity of the species composition was like a well crafted song: not to flashy that it becomes overwhelming, with the subtly harmony of life simply beaming in it’s own existence. It’s hard to explain, but things in Bermuda just felt right.

To me, Bermuda felt comfortable. The weather was forgiving, the people warm, and the ocean a brilliant blue. It felt like the kind of place I could call home. I hope that some I have the chance to say that this slice of heaven is my home, even if my residence is fleeting.

Thanks to Bruce, and of course the group, for a wonderful adventure on the lovely island of Bermuda, a place I will not soon forget.

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