Final thoughts on Bermuda

After being back at Colby for a week, I have realized that Bermuda in winter is pretty ideal.  There are not a lot of tourists and the weather is quite mild and enjoyable.  If I had the choice to winter in Bermuda I probably would.

Overall, I felt that the ten days that we spent in Bermuda went very smoothly.  I enjoyed everyday, and I felt that I learned a lot about the history, geology, and biology of Bermuda.  Of course, I also think that there is a lot of history and science to study more in depth while on the island.  The many sounds, bays, reefs and island ecosystems all provide interesting opportunities for field work.  I found it very interesting to learning about the early history and settlement of the island, and how certain aspects of settlement influenced the modern ecosystems throughout the island.  I also found the limestone outcroppings throughout the island, specifically along the roads to be very educational.  The striations of the dune layers were very prominent and provided a tangible explanation for the geologic history of the island itself.  The cup reefs that we viewed while snorkeling and from the beaches were also extremely interesting.  I had never snorkeled before and I found the underwater community of reefs to be fascinating.  I had never seen so many fish and corals interacting and living together.

This trip was incredibly fun and educational.  I enjoyed everyone on the trip and I enjoyed all of the guests that educated us while in Bermuda.  From the aquarium to Nonsuch Island we were provided a very special opportunity to learn and explore the island.  Bermuda, as a tightly populated island, can teach the rest of the world a lot about being sustainable.  Hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to return to Bermuda.

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