Endless Discussion

After having more than a week back on the mainland under my belt, I’ve found myself saying a few things over and over again:

  1. I learned so much about such a small place in a very short period of time
  2. I was constantly awed by the vastness of the sea
  3. Coral Reefs continue to fascinate me
  4. Bermuda is a very special place, one that I hope to return to very soon

Being able to experience a place, feel the sand between my toes, fingers, and hand lens, and be fully immersed makes an experience so much more tangible than a memory. I feel like I spent an entire semester on the island, only to realize my acquaintance was ten short days.  Continue reading

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Bivalves of Bermuda!

To learn more about some of the bivalves of Bermuda click the link below!

Bivalves of Bermuda

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Want to learn about the Echinoderms in Bermuda? They are pretty weird creatures. We saw a bunch of sea cucumbers specifically while we were there.

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One week later…

It’s been a little over a week since I arrived back on campus at Colby from Bermuda. Even with the impeding workload of a 20-credit semester, my mind keeps wandering back to the time we spent on Bermuda. Continue reading

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Powerpoints of past presentations

Plants and vegetation in Bermuda

stony corals

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After being back from Bermuda for a few days, I still kept looking at the pictures and thinking about the places we’ve been to. Altogether it was a wonderful experience-the ocean, the sun, the rocks, the caves, and also the natural history of all the places we went to. I can’t imagine a better way to get to know somewhere, and it’s amazing to learn so much about the island through looking at things in reality. Now I’m going to write a little about my favorite places in Bermuda, and some of the things we did there. Continue reading

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Final thoughts on Bermuda

After being back at Colby for a week, I have realized that Bermuda in winter is pretty ideal.  There are not a lot of tourists and the weather is quite mild and enjoyable.  If I had the choice to winter in Bermuda I probably would.

Overall, I felt that the ten days that we spent in Bermuda went very smoothly.  I enjoyed everyday, and I felt that I learned a lot about the history, geology, and biology of Bermuda.  Of course, I also think that there is a lot of history and science to study more in depth while on the island.  The many sounds, bays, reefs and island ecosystems all provide interesting opportunities for field work.  I found it very interesting to learning about the early history and settlement of the island, and how certain aspects of settlement influenced the modern ecosystems throughout the island.  I also found the limestone outcroppings throughout the island, specifically along the roads to be very educational.  The striations of the dune layers were very prominent and provided a tangible explanation for the geologic history of the island itself.  The cup reefs that we viewed while snorkeling and from the beaches were also extremely interesting.  I had never snorkeled before and I found the underwater community of reefs to be fascinating.  I had never seen so many fish and corals interacting and living together.

This trip was incredibly fun and educational.  I enjoyed everyone on the trip and I enjoyed all of the guests that educated us while in Bermuda.  From the aquarium to Nonsuch Island we were provided a very special opportunity to learn and explore the island.  Bermuda, as a tightly populated island, can teach the rest of the world a lot about being sustainable.  Hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to return to Bermuda.

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Paleosols in Bermuda:



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Last Thought

Before I went off to my first class for spring semester (well, classes have been started already), I was looking at the stuff I covered and experienced from a wonderful trip I had. That windy feeling of riding moped. The distribution of the sand samples we sifted in class. Snail presentation I made as a part of research project. Over a thousand of photos I took over 10 days. I still remember the feeling at the moment when I get up back to ship from snorkeling the North Rock.

Bermuda, in a sentence, is a living museum. Continue reading

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It has been almost a week since we left warm, sunny Bermuda. What a spectacular trip! When classmates that stayed on campus for JanPlan ask me to summarize my trip, I can’t help but repeat the words beautiful and amazing. It’s so hard to describe this class without going into great detail as to how truly great this experience was.

First of all, the flora of Bermuda was incredible. It seemed like such a treat to see green grass and flowers after coming from snow covered Maine. My favorite plant was the bay grape. Coming in reds, greens, and yellows, the huge leaves were sometimes as large as my face! Bruce mentioned that it might be possible to send them through the mail as postcards, but the people at BIOS looked at me funny when I asked about this. Oh well! I also really enjoyed the prickly pairs that seemed to be everywhere. They are so spiky that you have to be very careful around them.

Snorkeling. It was incredible. I still tell people every day that I got to see a sea turtle in Bermuda in its natural habitat! Being able to take a boat to North Rock and snorkel on the most beautiful coral reefs that I have ever seen was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

And the caves! Before leaving for Bermuda, I gave our class a presentation on the caves there. When I actually got to go in the first one, my expectations were definitely exceeded. Being able to explore caves was a highlight of this trip. But then to make it even better we got to swim in a cave! And the calcite inside the caves was beautiful! I didn’t realize how much I liked caves until I was introduced to them in Bermuda.

Most importantly, I learned so much in this class. Bruce kept everyone interested and taught us so much. His knowledge of this island and everything about it is truly incomparable. Having the opportunity to experience everything hands on and see things up close was so beneficial. Everyday was like an exploration for us. From the plants, to the rock formations, to the caves, to the general island geography, if it’s in Bermuda, Bruce knows (a lot) about it. When your professor loves a place as much as Bruce loves Bermuda, it makes the learning feel effortless.

I feel like there are so many people that I need to thank for making this trip possible. Bruce! I could go on and on about how awesome Bruce is. If anyone ever has a question about Bermuda, he’s the man to ask. Also, BIOS was an amazing place to stay. They took us on boat trips and plankton tows and fed us. Everyone there was just so friendly. And our group! Everyone was so eager to learn and was so kind. It was easier to have fun when we had such a great group of students there with us.

So now, here I am back at Colby. Every once in a while I find a little bit of sand somewhere in my room, a great reminder of an awesome trip.  I feel so lucky to have been able to take this class and travel to Bermuda. Thanks Bruce!

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