Thank you to Colby College Center for the Arts and Humanities for the financial support.  Without that, we wouldn’t have been able to cook these amazing meals.  Thanks to Ellen Freeman at Colby ITS for working so hard to figure out how to apply the “tippy” widget to show the photos and audio clips that appear on my site.  Without your hard work, I would’ve had to settle for something else.  I’d like to thank Mary Beth Mills for her guidance and encouragement in the times I thought I couldn’t finish this project.  Thanks to Nina and Bob for participating in such a wonderful meal.  Thank you to Michael and Madhavi Strohl for being my surrogate family in Queens.  Thanks to Layla Strohl for making that pie when you couldn’t even eat it with us.  Thank you to my Grandma Joan, Uncle Dan, Aunt Penny, Aunt Patti, and cousins Anna, Meaghan, Ceara, Bryn, and my goddaughter Rosie for always getting the family together for moments like these.  Thank you to my Aunt Denise, Uncle Peter, Aunt RoseMarie, and cousins Jake and Jessica for being so enthusiastic about this project of mine.  You guys really had fun with it and shared a lot of stories and laughs.  I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad for supporting me as I veered into chemistry, then economics, then culinary school and restaurants, back to school, to switching my majors to anthropology and English, and deciding to put it all aside to pursue a career as a butcher.  Without your help, I don’t know what I’d do.  Thanks to my siblings Brianna and James.  Although you guys couldn’t participate in the meals, the family meals we’ve had at home were the inspiration for this project.  And I’d like to thank my girlfriend Sarina for talking me off the academic ledge from time to time.  This summer, I seriously doubted I could finish this the way I wanted.  It didn’t go according to plan, but I am proud of this finished product.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ruth Patrick, Margaretha Unbehauen, and my grandma Barbara Denni for inspiring your children and grandchildren to celebrate good food and family with me.  I hope that the undying impressions you’ve made on us come through in my words.