Rafting and Fishing: There’s a Catch

Shed Man my buddy is a great rafter and a great guy. He and his Lady, known in the neighborhood as “Right-of-Way-Finder,” or “Rowf” for short, invited myself and the most beautiful former Canadian of them all (Mrs. Fishing P) down the rapids on a fairly hot day. No better place to be! There was one catch.  With the water cool enough with the dam release to fish safely, the raft would have be pulled over at some select spots. The rod had to get rigged, of course:

This One Always Works

But still, adjustments must be made according to conditions:

Super Sneaky Special Getting Attached

Then magic—I hook up with a quite decent fish. Only one problem: net back in the raft. The point was to treat the fish well and the net is the kindest way and surest path to quick release with minimal handling. Being the devoted Eco-Freak that he is, Shed Man leapt from the raft and clambered over dangerously wet and moss rocks to save what turned out to be a quite nice 15 inch brook trout who had starred in the Fish version of “America’s Biggest Losers” but had gotten kicked off the show. I think the following picture tells the story of what happened next:

Shed Man Takes One For the Fish

Skipping out with the net, the Man falls over backwards on some sharp rocks, but manages to get me the net just after this moment. This fish is visible to the left of his hip. Passing rafters were thunderstruck at my skill and Hawaii-appropriate attire, deeply fearing for Shed Man’s safety. The latter was restored after several committee meetings were held post-catch on that very subject.

He will be forever known in the Waters of the North (of Augusta, that is)  as Brookie-Saver—and a truly fishy friend.

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