Big Eddy in the Heat: Salmon, Moose and Home

The Mrs. Fishing P throws a mean loop on her backcast. So we got the Crib Cabin at the famous Cribworks Rapid on the West Branch of the Penobscot, available through Big Eddy Campground, run by the wonderful Chewonki Foundation. The view from the Cribworks is pretty spectacular:

Not A Better Spot in Maine

The two guys at the bottom of the picture didn’t do too much good as the water was way too warm. Salmon were to be had but only in slack just by the fastest water and then, only before sunset. The Mrs. Fishing P got some fish around here:

Last Light is Best

And we managed to pull out this landlocked on a black ghost fished in a sinking tip, getting him back in the water quickly so he could swim upstream another day:

Lemme Outa Here

The next night Doc and the Missus came by for a spectacular dinner barbecued outside the crib, so to speak, that I, needless to say, had nothing to do with. After some toasts to the river gods we fished in vain for a good whole. Doc then caught a perch that hit near the surface. He switched rods—moving from the sinking line to the four-weight with floating line he had strung up—and then swung a “supervisor,” as he called it, though it looked to me like a stimulator with an orange body. He got a hit on the first cast–just before dark—and then got WHAMMED by a very fat eighteen inch salmon he managed to land just as we couldn’t see much at all. I’d like to say this is an artsy fartsy shot but in truth, it was damn dark. You can see what a nice fish that was:

Photographic Art—Nice Fish

We took the Golden Road through the mountains to come out by Greenville and found this tough customer along the way. She invited us back in September and we will oblige:

Find Your Own Bog Buddy!

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