Grand Lake Stream Tune-Ups

Leaving for Grand Lake Stream tomorrow for two and half days intensive landlocked salmon fishing—with Wild Bill, Mac, and Obi Wan.  In preparation, hit local waters. At the Workplace last week, I scootched away to the Kennebec and this Bass of the Master rose in a riffle to a white hornberg:

He jumped twice before coming to the net and that was worth the hour:

Lemme Outa Here!

A few days later I needed to test the new waders Mac got me cheap–can’t have leaks at Grand Lake! Managed to bring four fish to net–no pictures were very exciting but this guy told me he had been to Grand Lake Stream the day before with his fly rod and had scored 20 fish on green caddis emergers:

Does This Fisherman Look Honest to You?

We’ll found out if he was telling the truth: Obi insisted on the phone last night that “sparkly green” was not working as a nymph color. We’ll know the answer in a few days….

Meanwhile, the flow on the Upper Sacramento in Northern California is near 1,000cfs, and 800 would be terrific. I should be there Wednesday next week if all goes right.  Hopefully there will be some epic, or at least passable, reports from here soon!


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  1. Rick says:

    Looking forward to reading about the trip to catch salmon as well as your California adventure. Fish on!

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