Stalking More Brookies

There was lots more grading to do—so more breaks were necessary. The weather got better and I returned to an area near the scene of the last brookie success. My goal was to discover some new holes by hiking up river, and boy did I find some beautiful spots:

Shangri La of Brook Trout Habitat

I fished a hole right above here and hooked up big on a streamer fished low and slow—missed. Went back to the well and did it again a bit later. Not wanting to lose the fish again, I did the rod-over-the-head thing. It was a good fish and I played it for five minutes and more. There was so much line at my feet that I’d stripped that I decided to “play it safe” and spool some in to avoid tripping. This is always a bad idea and I don’t know why I try it. Sure enough—boom. Fish off. I hiked above and no other fish that day other than a small guy but I did locate some great terrain.

A couple of days later I returned to a nearby hole. The rain splashed on the windshield all the way up and I was glad. As soon as I arrived it stopped–not optimal for the nymphing I was planning on. Seven fish and three monster brook trout landed. On the first, I drifted a quite hairy caddis emerger over a likely rock into some deep current. I used tungsten putty weight for the first time. And as soon as the line extended downward and had barely begun to drift:

A Nice Long Maine Brook Trout—18 Plus Inches

Changing Flies to a streamer with lots of weight after things slowed down produced this kyper:

A Healthy Guy

My favorite picture of the day was this release–a brilliant but completely accidental piece of camera work. As so often happens when fishing by yourself, the fish slips out of your hand as you’re trying to get the shot. This time, the result was Escape from Alcatraz:

Houdini Brookie Escapes the Bank Safe

That was a great day. In the run-up to our yearly Grand Lake Stream landlocked salmon hunting adventure, I will be out this week honing skills and practicing hypo-thermic exposure. Looking forward to fishing with Wild Bill, and should hear soon about Mac’s own quest on local waters—his own tune up for the Great Journey Northward.

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