Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows are tutors assigned by the Writers’ Center to work with individual faculty members on their courses.  As much as possible, we match writing fellows to courses in terms of majors and previous experience in academic fields. A fellow can do virtually any writing-related task that the faculty member requests with the exception of grading. The most basic arrangement is for a fellow to serve as a designated tutor for a course, discussing writing assignments with the faculty member in advance of students coming to the WC for peer tutoring.  Some other tasks writing fellows perform include leading prewriting and brainstorming sessions, conducting grammar reviews in class, making presentations on documentation and citation, supervising peer review groups in class, managing student blogs and other online course contributions, giving writing-related non-graded quizzes, and holding sessions on writing lab reports.  Typically, a writing fellow works no more than 6 hours a week for a course, and some work as little as 2 or 3 hours a month, depending on the needs of the faculty member and students.  We do require that the fellow meet with the faculty member at least once to discuss the course’s writing requirements and tutoring duties. We also recommend that the fellow attend at least a few class sessions, especially discussions of writing assignments and peer review workshops.  We encourage faculty members to tailor writing fellows’ work to course needs, and we are happy to assist faculty in the process.

For more information on using a writing fellow, please see our Writing Fellow Guidelines for Faculty.

If you are interested in having a writing fellow for one or more of your courses, please contact Paula Harrington at pcharrin no later than the second week of a semester.