Meet the Staff

Paula Harrington, Director 

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In addition to directing the Farnham Writers’ Center, Paula Harrington teaches writing, tutoring writing, global English, and American literature. Before coming to Colby in 2008, she taught writing, literature, and American studies at Marymount College of Fordham University, the University of New England, and the University of California, Davis.  In 2013, she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Paris, working on a project that examined French cultural stereotypes in the rhetoric of Mark Twain.  At Marymount/Fordham, she also served as director of composition and director of the writing center.  She earned her Ph.D in English at UC Davis, her M.A. in English at San Francisco State University, and her B.A., magna cum laude, in English and Writing from Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.  She is also a former journalist, who worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for daily papers including the San Francisco Examiner, San Mateo Times, Hayward Daily Review, and Contra Costa Times.  Her research interests include writing center pedagogy, cross-cultural rhetoric, and Mark Twain studies.  Her articles have been published in the minnesota review and the Mark Twain Annual; she is currently at work on a cross-cultural study stemming from her Fulbright research, The French Face of Twain.


Alexander Champoux, Coordinator


IMAG0180Alexander Champoux is the Coordinator of the Farnham Writers’ Center and Colby Writing Program. He graduated from Trinity College in 2011 with a B.A. in English: Creative Writing (minors in Mythology; Writing, Rhetoric & the Media Arts), and is pursuing his M.A. in English: Composition and Pedagogy at the University of Maine. During his time as an undergraduate, Alexander tutored as a Writing Associate for 3 years, was Head Tutor of the Allan K. Smith Writing Center, edited two literary magazines, wrote/edited for the school paper, was a member of the Honor Council, worked in residential life, and was a proud brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. This will be his second year working in the FWC, and he is so excited for the new location, new students, and new batch of tutors coming in the spring!




Katie Allan, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

KAllanKatie is an Anthropology and Global Studies double major with a concentration in human rights and social justice. She hails from Michigan, so she calls soda “pop,” and lollipops “suckers,” but this doesn’t prevent her from communicating effectively (most of the time). When not studying in Miller, she enjoys curling up in bed with a good book, or spending hours on tumblr or watching Doctor Who. Katie loves music of almost all genres, is proficient in French,  and is terrified of tornados. She can’t wait to work with you to make you the best writer you can possibly be.









Claudia Aviles, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

0000Bronx native, Claudia is a junior studying American Studies and Education. While she takes many classes in these departments, she loves to learn just about everything, which is why you’ll find her taking Economic courses that have nothing to do with her requirements. Claudia may not be the biggest person (height-wise), but she feels huge inside whenever she gets the opportunity to help someone. So, schedule an appointment with her and make her day. If you don’t smile by the end of your session, she’ll give you free tea or coffee and throw in a piece of candy – what an irresistible deal!







Katherine Bellerose, ’14

Kate Bellerose is a senior from Newton, Massachusetts, who is majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Kate is a member of the Colby Women’s Volleyball team, and she also works as a campus tour guide. Kate loves the Writers’ Center for its friendly staff and helpful brainstorming sessions. Aside from working at the Writers’ Center, Kate loves to travel, cook, sleep, and eat 8-Grain bagels from the Spa; she also really enjoys meeting new people, so stop by the Writers’ Center sometime to say hello!





John Bengtson, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

bengstonJohn is a junior studying Government and Global Studies with a minor in Econ. When not providing writing tips and spiritual guidance to those that frequent the FWC, he enjoys long walks on the AT (though he prefers the Long Trail) and Saturday visits to the Hume Center. He is currently petitioning Quaker Foods/Pepsico to produce Apple/Cinnamon oatmeal in bulk varieties because he loves the taste, but hates the wastefulness of individual packets. He has thus far been unsuccessful. He is also from a town about twenty minutes outside of Hartford Connecticut, but he doesn’t like to share that fact and is hoping that you will have stopped reading by now.



Carolyn Bennett, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

Carolyn is a junior from Scarborough, Maine, who is still technically undeclared for a major.  Her most likely candidate is Global Studies, and she is also interested in Spanish and Environmental Studies.  Outside of the classroom, Carolyn is involved in the CCAK program, and she volunteers at Barrels Community Market, where she has difficulties not buying everything in the store.  Carolyn also enjoys playing for the Colby Softball team and being outdoors with the COC.  Carolyn is excited to be part of the Writers’ Center and looks forward to meeting people and helping out with all that comes with paper writing at Colby.






Olivia Biagetti, ’14 (OPT)


Looking for help beyond your professor’s office hours? No matter where you are in the writing process or what your subject may be, Olivia will guide you to a better paper that is the product of your own effort. Olivia follows the Writers’ Center philosophy by equipping her peers with the tools and tricks needed to defang their current and future papers. Aside from tutoring, Olivia is from the exotic lands of “just outside Boston” and is majoring in English with an education minor. She enjoys running, cooking, pottery and using WebMD to self-diagnose her nonexistent illnesses. A former camp counselor, Olivia is CPR certified so even those hyperventilating over their final papers can rest assured they are in safe hands.




Carly Cronon, ’15 (Abroad Spring)



Having trouble finding Carly in the Writers’ Center? It is possible that she is there, but you can’t see her, because she is pale enough to blend in with the walls. Besides putting on sunscreen, Carly spends her time making questionable jokes, eating food that other people cook, and watching 30 Rock. Carly also spends her time majoring in English and minoring in education here at this great institution, and in twenty years it is likely that she will be Radagast from The Hobbit. Although she likes talking to animals, she also likes talking to people, especially about their writing, and she enjoys talking about where to put commas, because she learned the comma rules last year. On a more serious note, Carly understands how difficult writing papers can be and how busy everyone is, so bring your paper in for a completely nonjudgmental conversation.


Kayla Diaz, ’14

One morning the person pictured to the left woke up with an essay due in less than 24 hours. In a fit of panic, she ran to the Writers’ Center with only a small idea and a sheet of loose leaf. In the 30 minutes with her tutor her small idea was transformed into an outline and that sheet of loose leaf became a tattered piece of essay forming gold. After that success, Kayla Diaz was inspired to help calm the minds of writers both in stressful and peaceful times. Kayla Diaz is a senior and proud member of Colby Posse 9. When she’s not tutoring an EN112 or complaining about/doing schoolwork, she’s probably sleeping on a random couch in the Pugh Center, talking with friends, banging the Taiko drums loudly, or is hiding under her bed planning world domination.


David DiNicola, ’15

DavidDiNicolaDavid hails from 20 minutes outside of Boston, and though most Colby kids say they also live within this elusive bubble, he is one of the few that lives EXACTLY 20 minutes out—trust us, he’s checked.  When not helping to nurture young minds in the Writers’ Center, David is usually editing the Arts & Entertainment section of the Colby Echo, on the sidelines of an iPlay game, or being bullied by fifth graders at Clinton Elementary through CCAK.  His favorite writer is Mark Twain; his favorite book is The Great Gatsby; and he is currently majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  He looks forward to seeing you in the Center!




Samantha Draper, ’14

Sammy is an English major from Chicago, Illinois. At Colby, she can frequently be found curled up somewhere with a good book, sleeping outside, or eating Foss dinner at five o’clock on the dot. Aside from reading and writing, she loves rainy days, mismatching socks, macaroni and cheese, bright colors and the words rambunctious and whimsical. She is also a champion procrastinator and understands better than anyone how tempting it is to write a paper right before the deadline. She loves the Writers’ Center because everyone is always so cheerful and welcoming, and nothing makes her day better than helping people edit a paper and seeing them smile because they’re proud of the outcome. She firmly believes that revision is what separates a good writer from a great writer, and she encourages you to come visit her in the Writer’s Center soon!



Ariella Gintzler, ’14 


Ariella is a senior English major and Environmental Studies minor, hailing from the bustling metropolis of Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition to her extracurricular involvements, which include playing violin with the Colby Symphony and adventuring with the COC, Ariella enjoys used books, hot tea, and Annie’s white cheddar macaroni and cheese. She loves Maine and spends lots of time running, biking, hiking, and indulging in the occasional barefoot frolic. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ariella understands the horror of feeling like your essay is writing you, instead of the other way around. She welcomes students of all disciplines. Stop by and say hello!


Alexander Gucinski, ’14


Originally from the sleepy foothills of Saratoga, California, Alex Gucinski is a senior at Colby pursuing a double major in Government and English. A seasoned veteran of the Writers’ Center, Alex has tutored every discipline from American Studies to Theater and Dance, and after being relegated to the sultry fen known as the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for a summer (although admittedly, he deserved it), he truly looks forward to one last ride as a FWC tutor. He believes that writing, like Waterford crystal or drinking water, is best when it’s clear, and will stop at nothing to ensure that your punctuation is on point. His interests include country music, impressions, and trivia (his favored categories are U.S. presidents, sports, and freshwater fishes), so whether your paper’s about politics or perciformes, Alex is eager to work with you in the Center.


Anna Hess, ’14

Anna hails from Montclair, New Jersey and is an environmental policy major here at Colby. When she’s not hanging out in the Writers’ Center or writing papers in other various nooks of Miller Library, she can be found eating Gifford’s ice cream, napping on Chapel Lawn, jogging in the arboretum and exploring the great outdoors. Other passions include smoothies, dorm room decorations, chocolate-covered bananas and Scrabble. Stop by the Writers’ Center for help brainstorming, polishing a paper and good conversation!






Lily Holland, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

Em Jamieson, ’14 (GG) 

Reppin’ her NorCal swag, Em is a biology major with a pre-med focus. Though she is on the medical track, she loves the English language, particularly proper grammar and fancy-shmancy diction. Apart from helping students with their papers or cutting things open in biology labs, Em also participates in SGA as a dorm president. She can be found playing violent video games, laughing with her friends, or sleeping for an obscene amount of time. As a tutor, she is more than willing to tackle anything that comes her way, from lab reports to senior theses. She is a strong proponent of creativity and style and would love to meet you, so come by and say hi!



Gabriella Johnson, ’14




Gabby is an English and Art double major from the coast of New Jersey, and spends much of her time at Colby pining for the beach. She enjoys getting lost in books, playing in musical ensembles, and “chasing” for the Colby Quidditch Club.  Gabby also really enjoys eating and is counting down the days until the next Cookie Fest. She loves the warm fuzzy feeling she gets from tutoring, so come stop by the WC!





Samantha Jones, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

Hi!  My name is Sam Jones, and I’m a member of the class of 2015 here at Colby College.  I grew up in a small town about an hour away from Waterville called Buckfield, where I cultivated a love of dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, and books.  I am an avid Harry Potter fan, as well as a lover of all things Jane Austen, as I pursue my B.A. with a major in English.  I also love Disney movies!  Robin Hood is probably my favorite, but it changes every week.  I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, but for now I’m interested in a career that involves non-profit groups, like possible grant writing.  I think it is important to give back, and I enjoy being able to help others.


Savannah Judge, ’15 (GG) (Abroad Fall)



Savannah is an Environmental Studies major/Education minor who loves reading in hammocks, playing outside, and skating on ice. This Green Cluster alum currently holds the title “World’s Biggest Word Nerd” and frequently plays Mad Libs with [plural noun] in the [noun]. But don’t let Savannah’s linguistic whimsies fool you: she is a sucker for every step of the writing process and would love to meet you! Come see her in the Writers’ Center to brainstorm, work through your writer’s block*, or address any other concerns or [plural noun] you may have.




Andrew Kang, ’15


Testimonial from Arvia Sutandi: “Disturbingly quirky, ERGO totally awesome”


I am an English major (minoring in ad sci) coming back from a gap year, half of which I spent in NYC, the other half, working at Pinkberry. Subsequently, I love froyo. And hippos, although those two things are completely unrelated.
When I’m not studying, you may find me holed up in one of the Bixler practice rooms with my violin, in the Bridge office, or baking unnaturally colored, but totally edible (and delicious), cupcakes in Dana.


But in all seriousness, there are few things I enjoy more than the writing process and helping a fellow student out to pull out the best writer that lurks within. I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE IT!


Lucas Killcoyne, ’14

Lucas is a New Yorker, who is majoring in American Studies. His passions include biking, both throughout New York City as well as into Waterville, and playing frisbee, which he does on the Colby Ultimate team. He likes spicy food, meatball subs, and chili, among other dishes. He is excited to be a part of the Writers’ Center. Lucas plans on broadening his tutoring horizons while at the Writers’ Center but has always found himself most comfortable in the realms of English and history. He would be happy to help you with your paper.





Sam LeBlanc, ’15 (Abroad Spring)


Sam is an English and Religious Studies double major. She loves her home state of Maine and will gladly point you in the direction of some great restaurants in Portland or dispel (or confirm) rumors about Maine winters. She loves to read, watch movies, and fence in Colby’s fencing club. Along with doing homework, working, sleeping, hanging with friends, and in general being a typical college student, Sam edits and writes for the Echo. She is very excited to work with you on any phase of your paper and really enjoys meeting new people. Sam is a bit nerdy but very approachable and always happy to help. Come visit her in the Writer’s Center!



Monica Li, ’15 (Abroad Spring)


Monica is a junior English and psychology double major. Although she is from Shanghai, she has also lived in Seattle, Hong Kong, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Since she has an international background, she enjoys meeting people from diverse places. She is a fan of the writing center for its friendly, cheerful, and welcoming atmosphere. She is an optimistic person who is always willing to try her best and help you work through your paper. At Colby, she is a member of Adults Reading to Children, Colby Cares About Kids, and Campus Conversations on Race. She is passionate about community service, likes playing tennis, enjoys reading, and loves traveling. She can be quite the chatterbox as well. Since she loves meeting new people and loves to talk incessantly, swing by and say hello!




Josephine Liang, ’14

Joe Long, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

JoeLongJoe is a Government and Global Studies major who very much wishes Colby had an English minor. He grew up in Cape Elizabeth—a fact he usually tries to keep quiet–but is happy to at least not be from Massachusetts. Some favorite activities include compulsively reading the news, zoning out, lounging on the beach, and avoiding snow. Joe knows as well as anyone how painful writing can be, and how easy it can be to put it off—it took him several weeks to get around to writing this six sentence blurb. But he also strongly believes that writing can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Joe looks forward to working with those who agree with him on that point, and convincing those who don’t to do so. 




Justin Lutian, ’15 (Abroad Spring)


Justin is a junior from Manila, Philippines. Since the very first time he entered the Writers’ Center, he knew that he had found a special place. As someone whose own writing can be verbose and convoluted, he understands the challenge of effectively and succinctly delivering a message to a reader. Outside tutoring, Justin is a Community Advisor (CA) and a Colby Cares About Kids mentor. His distinctively and unusually high voice has been an asset for him in the Colby College Chorale and The Megalomaniacs, Colby’s only co-ed a cappella group. When not working (or singing), Justin tries to catch up with some of his favorite TV shows (e.g.: Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, etc.) or watches Friends with like-minded people.



Chloe Marmet, ’14

Chloe is a senior studying Government and creative writing at Colby. Although a native New Yorker, she likes to think of herself as a small town girl at heart. She likes being outside, playing sports, baking, going to the beach, and reading everything from People Magazine to James Joyce. She is so excited to be a part of the Writers’ Center, and looks forward to helping you in any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming (a personal favorite) to final draft revisions. Chloe’s favorite parts of the Writers’ Center are the awesome people and the opportunity for every tutee to walk out feeling satisfied and confident that their writing skills have improved. She would be thrilled to talk through papers on any subject and can’t wait to see you in the Writers’ Center!





Caroline McGourthy, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

McGourthyCaroline is a junior Global Studies major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  And no, just because she is from Wisconsin does not mean she lives on a farm; Milwaukee is actually a pretty big city.  In her spare time Caroline enjoys knitting and horseback riding.  She also enjoys watching Packers games/ any commercial Aaron Rodgers is in and almost all documentaries on Netflix.  Around campus, you can hear her incorporating quotes from Bridesmaids, Step Brothers, and 21 Jump Street into everyday conversation.  At the Writers’ Center, Caroline welcomes students with all types of papers at any stage in the writing process to come in so she can help you with your paper by teaching you fun stylistic and grammatical tricks that you can hopefully use later on when re-reading your writing by yourself.

Emily Nadel, ’14

Emily is a senior anthropology and English double major who runs a lot and enjoys small geometric patterns and indigenous arts and crafts fesitvals. Though as a tutor her strengths lie in the humanities, she loves learning about any subject. Creating topic sentences and sketching outlines are among her favorite Writers’ Center activities. If she had a time machine, she would travel to the late 1920’s. If she were a tree, a willow she would be. Oatmeal craisin toffee cookies are her favorite. Emily also enjoys human foosball, photographing inanimate objects, rooibos tea, Ovaltine, squash, and the Arboretum.

Shelby O’Neill, ’15 (Abroad Fall)


Shelby O’Neill is a junior philosophy and government double major. He grew up in Corfu, NY—a small, rural town about half an hour outside of Buffalo, NY. He enjoys wandering in the woods, farmers’ markets, and small town diners. He listens to Bob Dylan on vinyl, reads Jack Kerouac novels, and watches old-school Jimmy Stewart and Steve McQueen movies. As a Buffalonian, he is an expert on Buffalo chicken wings (sort of snobbish on this subject) and intends to see the Buffalo Bills win a Superbowl at some point in his Colby career. He looks forward to working with you in the Writers’ Center. 

Laura Parris, ’14 (GG)


Laura is a senior from the seaside town of Scituate, Massachusetts.  With an English major, creative writing concentration, and two minors in philosophy and Jewish studies, she is always writing essays in multiple disciplines.  Although she is more familiar with the humanities, she enjoys learning about other subjects and is happy to assist you with a paper for any class.  At Colby, two of her favorite activities are Colby Cares About Kids and Adults Reading to Children because she loves getting out into the local schools and working with younger children.  She also loves to travel, and she has been in twenty-three U.S. states and 13 countries.  As someone who hopes to become a high school English teacher, she is a big fan of the Writers’ Center.  She will work with you on anything from brainstorming to revision, so stop by, say hello, and get excited about writing.


Izzy Prince, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

Izzy disneylandIzzy is an Anthropology major from California with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves reading your work at the Writers’ Center, and believes that a good cup of tea can do wonders. She would be delighted to help you dissect a paper or just brainstorm. In her spare time, Izzy writes old-fashioned letters with a fountain pen, because everyone likes to get real mail – even Twitter addicts. She is also a member of The Megalomaniacs, Colby’s most epic co-ed a cappella group. Her intolerance for Maine winters obliges her to roam campus engulfed in several parkas, but she has accepted her glacial fate. Izzy loves ingenious whodunits, particularly Sherlock Holmes mysteries. It is almost never the butler.




Laura Rosenthal, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

Laura Rosenthal is a junior from the far, far away land of Newton, Massachusetts. She is an English major with a Creative Writing minor, but would be happy to help you with any kind of paper. Laura loves the FWC because of all the friendly tutors. When she’s not tutoring, Laura enjoys naming all the countries of the world on Sporcle, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Laura hopes you will stop by the Writer’s Center to work on your papers!







Gabe Salzer, ’15

SalxerGabe was born in Santa Monica, California, but sadly moved to Massachusetts when he was six months old.  Since making it to the cold state from the gold state, Gabe has had a full childhood, an Arlington high education, and too many chicken finger honey mustard subs from Ma Ma Goos.  After graduating from Arlington High, Gabe realized that one high school diploma wasn’t enough, and decided to attend Deerfield Academy for a postgraduate year.  Once at Colby College, he found that he wanted to major in Econ and minor in Italian studies. 

Over his incredibly fascinating and diverse life, Gabe has found a passion for music, sports, and all things interesting.  He always likes to learn new things, so reviewing essays and brainstorming for topics that he knows little about are always a pleasure.  It’s been said that Gabe is an upbeat and easygoing person, so even in the direst of scenarios, one can expect a session to be calm and positive.




Marisa Serrano, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

marisaMarisa is an English major, with dabbling but intense interest in religious studies, philosophy, and Spanish. She has always loved reading and writing, and is especially fond of Tolkien, Vonnegut, Hemingway, and Austen. Even though she is from (the Colby standard) fifteen-minutes-outside-of-Boston, she is far from typical in her avid love for the nuances of language, classic rock music, and spending time outdoors – especially at her family’s cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Marisa’s greatest talents are wasting hours on Netflix, quoting 30 Rock and Spongebob, napping, nomming on snacks, sleeping, and otherwise procrastinating her work to the very last minute. More than anything, she understands the stress that a huge assignment can cause; so, come see her for some paper help and de-stressing conversation!

Marisa will be abroad studying Spanish literature in Barcelona, Spain for the Fall semester of 2013!



Samantha Silvay, ’15 (Abroad Spring)



Sam is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. She hails from New York City, but loves the nature in Maine. She loves to read, and her favorite author is J.D. Salinger. She keeps a journal in her spare time, and she also loves watching Food Network. She enjoys traveling, and spent a summer in Italy studying Art History. She loves helping others with their writing, so come by the Writers’ Center and say hi!



Kristen Starkowski, ’14 

Kristen hails from a small cow town in Connecticut. She is double majoring in English and sociology. En route to a career as an English professor, she is naturally a big fan of the revision process and all elements of composition. Kristen especially enjoys tutoring authors of analytical English essays. However, her favorite thing to do in the Writers’ Center is organize and re-organize an essay of any discipline, which is somewhat ironic, because when it comes to her dorm room, she does not see a need for organization. In passing, you might find Kristen obsessing over coffee, archaic diction, dangly earrings, Ed Westwick, or golden retrievers.


Anna Thin, ’15



Anna is a junior from Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys traveling, skiing, cooking, and reading other people’s essays. Her favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming and organization. Anna always has prosciutto on stock, loves to play with turtles, and enjoys watching Dexter on Showtime. If you ever want to kill an essay, she would be more than happy to help.





Julie Toich, ’15

Julie is an English major with a concentration in creative writing.  A few of her favorite things are mountains, extremely cold lakes and streams, dark chocolate, mozzarella cheese, and strong winds.  Julie has always loved writing and is eager to channel some of that passion into tutoring at the Writers’ Center.  When she’s not pondering a new story idea, actually writing a story, or doing schoolwork, she can be found singing while walking around campus, watching an episode of Doctor Who, jumping in puddles after a rainstorm, or trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.   She is a firm believer that a large part of what makes a great paper is finding a topic that’s really interesting to you.


John Tortorello, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

John Tortorello is a junior from Medway, Massachusetts and is working on a physics major. An avid member of the Colby Outing Club, John loves any time spent in the great outdoors and is looking forward to being a COOT leader in the fall. When not running, hiking, or climbing, you can usually find John sleeping, eating, or otherwise avoiding his math and physics problem sets. He is excited about joining the team in the Farnham Writers’ Center in Fall of 2012 because tutoring will be a great opportunity to discuss random essays presented to him by brilliant Colby writers from all areas of study. His favorite foods include spaghetti and meatballs, zebra cake, and fresh tomatoes, and he will never turn down a pack of fruit snacks. When he is feeling under the weather, John likes to curl up and watch hours of Planet Earth and Lord of the Rings. In fact, he really likes to do this when he is feeling over the weather as well. John looks forward to meeting you and your essay in the FWC.

Shadey Trinidad, ’15 (Abroad Spring)

ShadeyShadey strongly believes that every writer has his or her individual unique voice and the Writers’ Center is the perfect place to discover it! Shadey is a proud New Yorker who is majoring in American Studies and double minoring in Anthropology and Education.  When she’s not in class, you can find Shadey in the Pugh Center working as the program coordinator or in one of the clubrooms. She is fluent in español and would be more than happy to help you with papers in her native language. As somebody who loves the simple things in life, Shadey enjoys a good laugh and good conversation with great people over a hot cup of tea, so come visit her in the Writers’ Center!





Maddie Wadington, ’14

Maddie Wadington is a senior here at Colby College. She is a psychology major and a human development minor. Apart from tutoring, Maddie is a coxswain on the Colby Crew Team and enjoys volunteering whenever she can. She welcomes psychology papers, but can help with writing for any major! 









Alicia Wall, ’15 (Abroad Spring)


Alicia is a junior from Greenville, NC who is majoring in American Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. Besides helping others with their papers, Alicia enjoys sports, eclectic music, jasmine green tea, and the company of close friends. As a veteran tutee of the Writers’ Center herself, Alicia understands the helpfulness and calming effect that an appointment can have. So whether you have just an idea or a draft that’s nearly complete, stop by the Writers’ Center for your caffeine fix and an hour of fun conversation!






Christine Wamsley, ’15 (Abroad Fall)

WamsleyChristine is a junior from Ridgewood, New Jersey who is currently majoring in Chemistry and German.  (For anyone wondering- No, Ridgewood is not near the Jersey Shore and no, it is nothing like the TV show.)  Her biggest passion is soccer, and she can get into ruthless debates with anyone over the latest games, teams, and player controversies.  Apart from her interests in sports, Christine is also known for her eclectic music taste, obsession of all things Hello Kitty, and all-around bubbly attitude. Although Christine is on a premed track and spends many nights writing German essays, she loves helping students with papers for all subjects.  She thinks it is often important to receive an outside perspective, and therefore loves to be challenged with topics outside her area of knowledge.

Susan Weidner, ’14

Susan is a senior from Simsbury, Connecticut (which she sounds out as “connect-I-cut”).  She is an English major with a side-hobby in Spanish (¡hola!).  Susan enjoys spontaneous chanting, tacos, good songs on repeat, and new socks.  Find her channeling writing inspiration on Miller steps, perched on Miller tower, or even eating dinner.  Better yet, find her in the Writers’ Center with a question or for good conversation!








Waylin Yu, ’15

Waylin is a Psychology: Neuroscience major and Creative Writing minor hailing from the leftern-most, frou-frou part of the West: San Francisco, California. At Colby, he is a music director at WMHB 89.7 FM, a writer for Outside Colby and the Libel, and involved in programs like CCAK and Best Buddies. In his free time, he likes to take naps, drink water, eat chicken flautas, and spontaneously sing/butcher the Dawson’s Creek theme song. A big believer in the power of the collaborative writing process, Waylin is looking forward to teaming up with the patrons of the Farnham Writers’ Center and aiding their growth as writers. He also loves cats and encourages you to bring in any feline-related literature to revise/for funsies.