Paula Harrington, Director of Farnham Writers’ Center

In addition to directing the Farnham Writers’ Center, Paula Harrington teaches writing, tutoring writing, and American literature. Before coming to Colby in 2008, she taught writing, literature, and American Studies at Marymount College of Fordham University, the University of New England, and the University of California, Davis. In 2013, she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Paris for a research project that examined French cultural stereotypes in the writings of Mark Twain. At Marymount/Fordham, she also served as director of composition and director of the writing center. She holds a PhD in English from UC Davis, an MA in English from San Francisco State University, and a BA, magna cum laude, in English and Writing from Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. With Stacey Sheriff, director of the Colby Writing Program, she has contributed chapters to The Internationalization of U.S. Writing Programs (eds. Shirley Rose and Irwin Weiser, Utah State UP) and Writing Program Architecture (eds. Bryna Siegel Finer and Jamie White-Farnham, Utah State UP). With Ronald Jenn, professor of Translation Studies at the University of Lille, she is the author of Mark Twain & France: The Making of a New American Identity (UMissouri Press, 2017), and her articles have appeared in the minnesota review and the Mark Twain Annual. She is also a former journalist, who worked as a reporter and columnist for daily papers including the San Francisco Examiner, San Mateo Times Group, and Contra Costa Times Group. Her research interests include tutoring across identities, cultural and national stereotypes in writing, and Mark Twain studies.

Maddy Albert ’20

Maddy is a junior English major from Briarcliff Manor, New York. On campus she is a co-president of Colby Hillel, sings with Mayflower Chill a Capella, edits for Outside Colby and volunteers with CCAK. Maddy is a writing fellow for a music W1 course, a 112 tutor and happy to assist on any papers written in Spanish through SP131. 

Grace Andrews ’21

Grace hails from Farmington, Maine and is an Environmental Science major (and an English minor, because otherwise all that science would make her go crazy). She is also a COC trip leader and loves to explore the outdoors, a passion which includes but is not limited to activities such as hiking, skiing, climbing trees, and reading in her hammock. Grace also enjoys eating chocolate, browsing used bookstores, hanging out with her dog, and of course, helping people with their writing!

Eana Bacchiocchi ’21

Eana Bacchiocchi is from New York City, not to be confused with New York suburbs (Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey). She is an Environmental Policy and English double major here at Colby. Eana loves to watch The Office, eat chocolate and drink coffee, and curl up with a good book. Eana is very excited to work with students, especially on the “dreaded” English literature papers. 

Macey Broadwater ’21 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

Macey grew up in Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and Texas and can be found gardening, dancing, and adventuring outdoors. She is majoring in Environmental Science, but she has yet to decide on her minor(s?). She’d happily eat rice and beans for every meal and enjoys stilt-walking around any of her hometowns. Since she was a little kid, Macey has loved writing, so she is excited to work in the Farnham Writers’ Center this year! 

Cooper Bussberg ’21 (Available for Tutoring for Assignments Written in Spanish)

My name is Cooper Bussberg and I’m from Medway, Massachusetts (55 minutes outside of Boston). I’m a sophomore and a Spanish and Economics with Financial Markets Concentration double major. I love gardening, cooking, country music and being incredibly sarcastic. I am looking forward to my first year as a tutor in the Farnham Writer’s Center!

Isabel Colon ’20

Isabel is a junior from Bozeman, Montana who plans to double major in Studio Art (photography) and English. In her free time she enjoys driving around listening to music and hanging out with her dog. She loves meeting new people, and is looking forward to woking in The Writer’s Center this year!

Hello! My name is Ava Colarusso and I am a junior from Ridgefield, CT. I am majoring in Global Studies and Science, Technology, and Society and am super excited to be working in the Farnham Writers’ Center! I would love to help improve your writing and look forward to meeting you! 

Emily Cunningham ‘21

Emily grew up in Avon, Connecticut and is a sophmore majoring in Biology / Environmental Science Major with a Economics minor. On campus she sings with the Megalomaniacs acapella group, is a COOT leader, and has just joined the Ultimate team! She loves Deep Fried Oreos, scuba diving, and enjoys exploring the Maine outdoors through activities such as hiking, skiing, swimming, and camping. Emily is so excited to be working at the Farnham Writer’s Center this year and encourages you to come work with her on anything from English papers to lab reports.

Jacob David ’20

Jacob is a junior from Philadelphia. He can be found living in Lovejoy and in or around the Pugh center. Jacob is a French major with a love for all things language related, English included. His pass times include cooking, running, tarot and preparing for the inevitable revolution of the proletariat. As the personal is political, he often brings radicalism to writing by disregarding the Oxford comma. This year in the Writing Center, Jacob wants to help others write more powerfully and take command of their voice, in all disciplines. 

Payton Fales ’20

Payton is a junior from San Clemente, CA. He is on the lacrosse team at Colby. In his free time he likes binge watching the office and engaging in witty banter with his friends. Payton is really looking forward to working in the FWC this year and meeting new people! 

Lydia Fanning

Lydia is a Psychology:Neuroscience major and a Sociology minor. She loves hiking, swimming and running, and is a COOT leader as well as a member of the cross country and track teams. She is passionate about the FWC because she loves exploring new writing styles and revision processes. 

Natasha Gallagher ’20

Natasha Gallagher is a junior from Londonderry, New Hampshire. She is a double major in Studio Art and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. If Natasha is not in the library, you might find her painting, working in the Colby Museum, binge watching TV shows, collecting books and forgetting to read them, or cruising down the ski slopes. She is excited to work with anyone who comes to the writing center, whatever your writing needs may be!

Kate Gannon ’20

Kate is a junior French major from Bethesda, MD. She loves coffee ice cream and golden retrievers, and is a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. At Colby, she is a CCAK mentor, COOT leader, and Foss enthusiast. She can’t wait to start working in the FWC this year!

James Gibson ’20

James is junior from Solon, Ohio. He has not yet decided on a major, but he is interested in English, Economics, and Chinese. He is also a member of the Colby Track and Field team. He enjoys reading, sports (both playing and watching), and meeting new people. James hopes to see you in the Writer’s Center and cannot wait to work with you. 

Alex Glowacky ’21

Alex is a sophomore from the Boston area. She is planning on majoring in Sociology with a WGSS minor. In addition to spending time in the Writer’s Center, she is a CCAK mentor and member of the Outing Club. In her free time, Alex can be found hiking, listening to podcasts, hanging in her hammock or snacking on Bobs granola. She has always really loved reading, as well as meeting new people, so she is really looking forward to working with everyone in the FWC!

Josh Goldberg ’20

Josh is a junior from Washington D.C. double majoring in Government and Economics (but only declared to make sure he got the scheduled he wanted so who knows how long this will be accurate). At Colby, you can find Josh tossing a disc with the Ultimate Frisbee Team, making pottery, or writing for Outside Colby. He’ll happily discuss Game of Thrones, politics, and existential dilemmas. Josh is trying to improve his own writing just as much as you are and can’t wait to help you in the FWC.

Henry Heck ’21

Henry is from Seattle, Washington and is an environmental science major. Beyond his work in the FWC Henry enjoys cooking, drawing, gaming, and a good game of Spikeball. He is looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful people that show up in the Writers’ Center and he hopes he can help them with all of their writing challenges!

Nick Ho ’21

Nick is a sophomore from the faraway city of Hong Kong, 7800 miles away from Waterville, ME. At Colby, he is an English major, a Film Studies minor, and Chinese minor. When he’s not tossing frisbees with the Dazzlin’ Asses, roaming the campus on Hall Staff duty, or sporting an obnoxiously yellow pair of Crocs, he can be found at the Foss salad bar. Nick can’t wait to spend the year helping writers in the FWC and stealing tea bags from dining halls. 

Lizzy Holland ’20

Lizzy is a junior from Bethesda, Maryland, pursuing a history major and minor in Italian Studies. On campus, Lizzy is a CCAK mentor to an awesome local 7th grader, a member of the Art Museum Student Advisory Board, and a member of the OAK Institute Student Committee. Lizzy has experience with research-based writing projects (especially history papers) and has worked extensively with multilingual students in the Writers’ Center. She is excited to return to the Center this year!


Meghan Hurley ’20

Meghan is a junior environmental policy major from the small town of Moultonborough, New Hampshire. She is inspired to write by her love for nature and desire to spread that love. She is a member of EnviroCo, COFGA, and a CCAK mentor. You can find her procrastinating while sitting in Foss, eating excessive amounts of peanut butter. 

Mark Kingsley ’20 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

Mark is a junior from Boulder, Colorado majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. He enjoys good coffee, all kinds of music, reading widely, writing short stories, and the oxford comma. He especially enjoys working with fiction but also likes that he gets exposed to papers on multiple subjects. So he’s happy to help anyone work on their writing or just brainstorm some ideas.

Bohan Ma ’20 (Available for Tutoring for Assignments Written in Chinese)

Bohan is a junior and was born and raised in China. Currently, he chooses to major in economics and mathematics. In his free time, table-tennis and basketball are his favorites. He is also a fan of classical music. As an international student, he is looking forward to involving his cultural background in discussions and tries to provide different perspectives. He is willing to discuss any subject from any field, especially sociology and economics. He is looking forward to meeting you in the writing center.

Kristen Mahoney ’21

Kristen is a sophomore from Ashland, Massachusetts, which is a small town about 30 minutes outside of Boston–shocking, I know. She is currently planning on majoring in psychology and minoring in English. Kristen runs for the track team at Colby. When not slowly dying as she sprints repeat 200s in the AC, you can usually find her drinking excessive amounts of tea in the dining halls, having dance parties with her roommate in their dorm room, or taking countless Buzzfeed quizzes while she should probably be studying. She can’t wait to help people out in the Writers’ Center this year!

Moira Mullaney ’20 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

I’m a junior English (Creative Writing Concentration) and Education double major from Worcester, Massachusetts (which most people don’t know is the second largest city in New England behind Boston)! I’m a Sexual Violence Prevention mentor and captain of the Women’s Ice Hockey team. I love literature and writing, especially poetry, and I am looking forward to meeting new people through the Writers’ Center!

Avery Munns ’21

Greetings! My name is Avery, and I’m a sophomore from Topeka, Kansas. And yes, I do know that I’m NOT in Kansas anymore! Aside from the Wizard of Oz jokes, I am so grateful to be in the beautiful state of Maine. Right now I am a sociology and education double major. I am a CA in East, a Multi-Faith Council Fellow, a Lives of Purpose mentor, a member of the Ballroom Dance Club and a CCAK mentor! I love weird adventures (like visiting the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, KS or setting the world record for the most people simultaneously moose calling this summer) and long conversations. I am excited to meet writers and read some wonderful writing in the FWC this year!

Brendan Murphy ’21

Brendan is a sophomore from Fair Haven, New Jersey. He studies Government and English at Colby, and he is also a member of the Men’s Ice Hockey team. In the summertime, Brendan works as a real estate agent, but also spends plenty of time at the beach. He can be found in Dana most hours of the day. Brendan loves reading and writing, and he strives to be a great resource for all of his peers!

Michaela Norman ’20

Michaela is a junior double majoring in English and American Studies. She was born and raised in NYC, which she will forever think of as the greatest city on earth. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book, she can be found watching Broad City (she wishes she was an Ilana but knows she’s an Abbi), listening to musical soundtracks on Spotify, and obsessively trying to finish The NY Times crossword puzzle even though she’s not very good at it. Michaela is really looking forward to her first year as a tutor in the FWC! 

Sofia Oliveira ’21

Sofia is a sophomore Economics major from Northern Virginia who spent the summer ACT tutoring and working at a Mediterranean restaurant. On campus, she is a member of Colby’s Women’s Soccer team, and loves participating in the “Mini Mules” program with friends. In her spare time, she loves to draw, watch Seinfeld, surf Spotify, and play ping-pong and beach volleyball. She is looking forward to helping fellow students improve their writing this year!

Adrián Pachuca ’21

Hey Y’all! I am Adrián Pachuca and I like tall people named Richard, fried chicken, and the Oxford comma. My favorite book is the lightning thief, but if you ask me I will say In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. My favorite sociologist is WEB DuBois and my favorite Febreeze scent in fresh linens. I’m friendly, “quirky”, and like the good T so please feel free to sign up for an appointment! 

Tori Paquette ’20

Tori Paquette wrote her first novella when she was thirteen. Since then, she has written in as many capacities as possible, including fiction, creative nonfiction, and blogging about mental illness and faith in Jesus. Her first book, The Last Valkyrie, was released in January 2017. Her other work has been published by To Write Love On Her Arms, Revival Magazine, and Delight & Be, as well as on her blog, She is a Psychology major with Creative Writing and Jewish Studies minors. While she is clearly a huge nerd for loving writing and editing, she also loves other more normal things like chocolate, the color blue, and being an auntie.

Sophie Pedersen ’20

Sophie is a junior from Wayland, MA. At Colby, she’s majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In her free time, she dances with Colby Dance Company and copy edits for Outside Colby. At the Writers’ Center, she works on both academic and creative writing. She’s looking forward to spending the fall semester with her fellow peer tutors and any new students who come to the center!

Hannah Phillips ’21

Hannah is a sophomore English major with a Cinema Studies minor from Boise, Idaho, who enjoys making friendship bracelets and terrible Spotify playlists. She is also a CCAK mentor, and can usually be found somewhere in the stacks of Miller or the arboretum. She’s super stoked to drink too much coffee and help you write your next well-organized paper, so come say hello! 

Parker Sikora ’20

Parker is a junior from New Hampshire planning to major in Government at Colby. Outside of class, Parker rows on the crew team, and is involved with the Alumni Center and Mock Trial, too. Writing has always been interesting to him because the way people choose to communicate their ideas through language is never quite the same! His favorite things–besides a thesaurus–include coffee, skiing, Lorde, and driving at night. However, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as holding an important assignment on clean white paper fresh off the printer after hours of effort. Let him help you get to printing!

Hannah Southwick ’21 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

Hannah is a sophomore from South Kingstown, Rhode Island studying English with a concentration in creative writing.  When she’s not running on the cross-country and track teams, she can be found drinking mint tea, exploring the art museum, or browsing the Miller stacks in search of a good book.  From developing a newspaper for her dog at age 8 to interning at a NY publishing company at age 18, Hannah has always been an avid reader and writer. She is looking forward to meeting new people and is excited to be a part of the FWC this year.

Ketty Stinson ’21

Ketty is a sophomore from Brunswick, Maine, where she is the self proclaimed corn hole champion of the town. At Colby, she is planning on majoring in environmental science with a concentration in public health. Some of her favorite things are leisurely lunches, naps in the sun, and the Red Sox. Ketty also enjoys chatting about everything, including academic papers, and is excited to so at the FWC this year! 

Caroline Stoddard ’20

I’m Caroline, a junior from Washington, DC majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Development, and minoring in English. I work for Colby’s Office of Communications, am a part of the Cure the Cloud club, and I am a COOT leader. This is my first year working in the writing center and I’m super excited! 

Dean Strup ’21

Hello! I am a sophomore double majoring in Chemistry-Biochemistry and History. I’m from Ohio, which I find sort of boring when at home but will strongly defend when anyone challenges me on it. When not in class or working I enjoy going on trips with the Outing Club, distracting my friends from studying, or hunting for Campfire S’more ice cream in the dining halls. Since I’m a science and a humanities major, I am comfortable discussing papers from either discipline and can’t wait to help make writing your paper less aggravating!

Aaron Thibodeau ’21 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

Aaron Thibodeau is a Sophomore English and Creative Writing Major. He hails from the frigid land of Maine and loves all that it holds. He loves to go fishing and camping year-round because nothing is better than the serenity of nature. Most of all though, he enjoys a well-crafted story and the fun of creativity. On campus Aaron takes part in the creative writing club Inklings and enjoys going to events in the German Department.

Radhika Vu Thanh Vy ’20 (Available for Tutoring in Creative Writing)

Radhika is a junior majoring in English and Economics. She is half Vietnamese and half Indian. Her favourite things on campus are ultimate frisbee, prolonged meals due to engaging conversations, open mic nights, Maine fall foliage, and the people. So basically everything. She loves all kinds of literature and enjoys working on writing in general, so she will be happy to work with you on any of your papers!

Sarah Warner ’21

Sarah is a sophomore from Glenview, Illinois (20 minutes outside Chicago, not Boston). She’s a double major in English and Studio Art, so you can usually find her anytime of the day at either Miller or Bixler. She’s a big fan of TV shows– Game of Thrones and Westworld in particular– and spends way too much time on Netflix. She’s interested in all kinds of writing and is looking forward to working with you in the FWC!

Ally Wehrle ’20

Ally is a junior from a small town in midcoast Maine. She is double majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and Education. When not in class, Ally spends most of her time writing poetry and trying not to get lost in the library. Ally looks forward to making the process of writing a paper a little less confusing and talking through your questions with you!