Paula Harrington, Director of Farnham Writers’ Center

In addition to directing the Farnham Writers’ Center, Paula Harrington teaches writing, tutoring writing, global English, and American literature. Before coming to Colby in 2008, she taught writing, literature, and American studies at Marymount College of Fordham University, the University of New England, and the University of California, Davis.  In 2013, she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Paris, working on a project that examined French cultural stereotypes in the rhetoric of Mark Twain.  At Marymount/Fordham, she also served as director of composition and director of the writing center.  She earned her Ph.D in English at UC Davis, her M.A. in English at San Francisco State University, and her B.A., magna cum laude, in English and Writing from Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.  She is also a former journalist, who worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for daily papers including the San Francisco Examiner,San Mateo TimesHayward Daily Review, and Contra Costa Times.  Her research interests include writing center pedagogy, cross-cultural rhetoric, and Mark Twain studies.  Her articles have been published in the minnesota review and the Mark Twain Annual; she is currently at work on a cross-cultural study stemming from her Fulbright research, The French Face of Twain.

David DiNicola (Head Tutor) ’15

David hails from 20 minutes outside of Boston, and though most Colby kids say they also live within this elusive bubble, he is one of the few that lives EXACTLY 20 minutes out—trust us, he’s checked.  When not helping to nurture young minds in the Writers’ Center, David is usually editing the Arts & Entertainment section of the Colby Echo, on the sidelines of an iPlay game, or being bullied by fifth graders at Clinton Elementary through CCAK.  His favorite writer is Mark Twain; his favorite book is The Great Gatsby; and he is currently majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  He looks forward to seeing you in the Center!

Brooke Fairbanks (Head Tutor) ’15

Brooke is a junior hailing from the small town of Guilford, CT. She is still a little confused, as a history major who is really interested in creative writing and psychology but aiming toward being a veterinarian with a biology background. Despite her lack of athletic prowess she enjoys playing rugby and heads to Sugarloaf whenever possible. Besides skating backwards and playing flute she feels writing is the only area in which she has any natural inclination. She always keeps at least one Calvin & Hobbs, a Tintin, a Harry Potter, and an Austen or Tolkien novel with her wherever she moves. She loves reading other people’s essays because each one is a glimpse into another world and another mind but mostly because she would love to be able to help in any way. She believes that an hour of organized focus on a paper can be far more productive than 5 hours of frantic tapping on the keyboard, so whether it’s a lab report or a creative writing piece, she would love to help you with it.

Sam Silvay (Head Tutor) ’15

Sam is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. She hails from New York City, but loves the nature in Maine. She loves to read, and her favorite author is J.D. Salinger. She keeps a journal in her spare time and aspires to be a screenwriter after graduation. She enjoys traveling, and spent a summer in Italy studying Art History and a semester abroad in Cape Town. In the Writers’ Center, she’ll be serving as a Head Tutor in conjunction with Brooke and David this semester, concentrating her efforts on scheduling, maintaining our social media presence, and keeping this site up-to-date! If you have any questions,
comments, or concerns, please email



Olivia Ainsworth ’17

Olivia is a sophomore Biology major/Religious Studies minor and is also on the pre-med track. She hails from Dallas, Texas but does not have an accent nor does she own a pair of cowboy boots. Her hobbies include eating, trying to stay warm, and knitting. Olivia plays Ultimate Frisbee, writes for the Echo, and tutors Waterville students when she’s not busy watching Netflix. She would be happy to help with any paper you bring in to the WC!

Cleo Aukland ’17

Cleo is so excited to be part of the Farnham Writers’ Center staff! She is a sophomore majoring in French and minoring in Creative Writing, enjoys loudly singing along to Broadway showtunes, constantly making and drinking tea, and covering every available inch of wall space in her dorm room with posters. She has spent a lot of time working with students in a range of subjects for many years, will sail an Opti boat single handedly to Australia, and will gladly read any Harry Potter fanfiction you’ve written.

Claudia Aviles ’15

Bronx native, Claudia is a senior studying American Studies and Education. While she takes many classes in these departments, she loves to learn just about everything, which is why you’ll find her taking Economic courses that have nothing to do with her requirements. Claudia may not be the biggest person (height-wise), but she feels huge inside whenever she gets the opportunity to help someone. So, schedule an appointment with her and make her day. If you don’t smile by the end of your session, she’ll give you free tea or coffee and throw in a piece of candy – what an irresistible deal!

Grace Baldwin ’17

Grace Baldwin is a sophomore at Colby who hails from Denver Colorado. She is double-majoring in Government and Global Studies, and wants to pursue a business career that supports the education of young girls in underprivileged areas of the world. She is excited to work in the FWC and meet tons of new and interesting people on campus!

John Bengtson ’15

John is a senior studying Government and Global Studies. When not providing writing tips and spiritual guidance to those that frequent the FWC, he enjoys long walks on the AT (though he prefers the Long Trail) and Saturday visits to the Hume Center. He is currently petitioning Quaker Foods/Pepsico to produce Apple/Cinnamon oatmeal in bulk varieties because he loves the taste, but hates the wastefulness of individual packets. He has thus far been unsuccessful. He is also from a town about twenty minutes outside of Hartford Connecticut, but he doesn’t like to share that fact and is hoping that you will have stopped reading by now.

Carolyn Bennett ’15

Carolyn is a junior from Scarborough, Maine, who is still technically undeclared for a major.  Her most likely candidate is Global Studies, and she is also interested in Spanish and Environmental Studies.  Outside of the classroom, Carolyn is involved in the CCAK program, and she volunteers at Barrels Community Market, where she has difficulties not buying everything in the store.  Carolyn also enjoys playing for the Colby Softball team and being outdoors with the COC.  Carolyn is excited to be part of the Writers’ Center and looks forward to meeting people and helping out with all that comes with paper writing at Colby.

Brandon Blackburn ’17

Brandon is an English Major with minors in German and Art. He is from NYC, and as a result, is baffled by the fact that he can see the tops of all the buildings in Waterville. When he isn’t sleeping in Miller, he is usually sleeping somewhere else or climbing with the CMC. He also likes photography, grammar, and apples. He hates referring to himself in the third person.

Erin Breen ’17

Erin Breen hails from Southern California and is a Sophomore. She has not yet chosen her major, but do not worry she has ensured her parents and academic advisor she is on the 4 year plan. Her interests are in psychology and environmental studies. When she is not sequestered in the Bixler Library, she works with Maine Concussion Management Initiative as a research assistant. She is hoping to be published for a study on concussions within the next year. Although it may come as a shock, she loves the winter and spends as much time as she can skiing. She cannot wait to help her fellow peers in the FWC!

Peter Cronkite ’15

Pete is a Classical Civilization major with a Cinema Studies minor. He loves writing, reading, and talking about all kinds papers, and it’s all sorts of excited to take a crack at a few more at the Writers’ Center this year. In his leisure time (aside from reading and writing ever more papers), Pete plays on Colby’s rugby team and works for the Echo. The latter gives him an opportunity in his position as an editor of the sports section to continue reading and writing short pieces about professional and collegiate athletics. Pete is a native and proud New Yorker, but won’t hold it against you if you’re from Boston.

Carly Cronon ’15

Having trouble finding Carly in the Writers’ Center? It is possible that she is there, but you can’t see her, because she is pale enough to blend in with the walls. Besides putting on sunscreen, Carly spends her time making questionable jokes, eating food that other people cook, and watching 30 Rock. Carly also spends her time majoring in English and minoring in education here at this great institution, and in twenty years it is likely that she will be Radagast from The Hobbit. Although she likes talking to animals, she also likes talking to people, especially about their writing, and she enjoys talking about where to put commas, because she learned the comma rules last year. On a more serious note, Carly understands how difficult writing papers can be and how busy everyone is, so bring your paper in for a completely nonjudgmental conversation.

Haley Eazor ’16

Haley Eazor transferred to Colby her sophomore year after spending her first year of college in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Dallas, TX, she is slowly making her way back to the south (if only to regain her usage of the word “y’all”). Haley enjoys snuggling, drinking tea, reading, daydreaming, and wishing she were a turtle. She especially enjoys doing all of these activities with her partner in crime, and fellow tutor, Anna Jackson. If she could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be in the Wood between the Worlds in the Chronicles of Narnia. Her favorite color is (usually) blue. She would love to talk to you about books, traveling, tea, films, Sherlock Holmes, and maybe even your essay (if time permits).

Taylor Enrico ’17

Taylor is a sophomore Cell and Molecular Biology/Biochemistry major, and although she grew up in Freeport, Maine, Taylor did not spend all of her spare time shopping at L.L. Bean. Taylor is an avid fan of naps, cereal, Netflix, tea, and patterned socks. When not in the Writers’ Center, she is usually studying on the couches outside Olin, skiing at Sugarloaf, or playing tag and hide-and-seek with her CCAK mentee. Taylor looks forward to seeing you in the FWC, so come by, say hello, and work on a paper!

Andrew Finn ’16

Andrew is a Junior English Major double minoring in Classical Civilization and Philosophy, and hails from the far-off land of the Golden State. He has always been an avid lover of reading, especially classical literature and high fantasy. His interests and activities outside of reading and (of course) writing include retro video games, running, hiking, and playing the cello. While he has perfectly rational fears of deep water, bison, and elevators, none of those should stop him from helping as much as he can in the writers’ center. Andrew is looking forward to engaging with others who are invested in their writing, and to help them in any ways that he can in their writing processes.

Peter Ge ’16

Emily Glaenzer ’16

Emily is a junior STS major. She grew up in a small town called Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA and consequently loves to be by the sea. She also loves to travel, eat sushi, and talk about her dog Harry. She enjoys spending her time helping others. This is the reason she decided to become a writing tutor and she’s found that she is best at helping those who need to brainstorm or organize their paper. Emily is looking forward to meeting you in the FWC.

Anna Jackson ’17

Birthed in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Anna fled to Colby to escape the southern heat, and is now pursuing a double major in Spanish and Sociology. As a rower on the Crew Team, violist in the Colby Symphony, mentor for Colby Cares About Kids, and world class procrastinator, Anna enjoys talking about rowing, frolicking in the snow and rain, reading, running, blasting show tunes, and pretending to be a Mainer. Her edible interests include smoothies, lobster rolls, bacon iced coffee (notice how this comma error ruined a perfectly splendid iced coffee,) pumpkin bread, and blackberries. In her spare time she can be found perfecting her Gollum impression, running through fields with Haley Eazor, and… going with the flow – like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream. She would love to help you with your written endeavors (nonexistent or nearing completion) in any and all disciplines.

Carli Jaff ’16

A self-proclaimed writing nerd and grammar freak, Carli Jaff, hailing from just outside of Boston (we know, so classic) is here and ready to help you with any type of writing you throw at her! As a double American studies and educational studies major, Carli is used to interdisciplinary work, but is well-versed in many other areas, having declared a different major each week during her freshman year. When she’s not in class, in the Writers’ Center, or being told to lower her voice (that one’s for you, Paula), Carli is in Broadway Musical Revue, is an editor for the Echo, and loves to snuggle with and look at pictures of puppies, take naps, and go on adventures. So stop by the Writers’ Center if you’re looking for awesome writing help, a smile, a hug, advice, and/or all of the above! Happy writing!

Samantha Jones ’15

Hi!  My name is Sam Jones, and I’m a member of the class of 2015 here at Colby College.  I grew up in a small town about an hour away from Waterville called Buckfield, where I cultivated a love of dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, and books.  I am an avid Harry Potter fan, as well as a lover of all things Jane Austen, as I pursue my B.A. with a major in English.  I also love Disney movies!  Robin Hood is probably my favorite, but it changes every week.  I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, but for now I’m interested in a career that involves non-profit groups, like possible grant writing.  I think it is important to give back, and I enjoy being able to help others.

Savannah Judge ’15

Savannah is an Environmental Studies major/Education minor who loves reading in hammocks, playing outside, and skating on ice. This Green Cluster alum currently holds the title “World’s Biggest Word Nerd” and frequently plays Mad Libs with [plural noun] in the [noun]. But don’t let Savannah’s linguistic whimsies fool you: she is a sucker for every step of the writing process and would love to meet you! Come see her in the Writers’ Center to brainstorm, work through your writer’s block*, or address any other concerns or [plural noun] you may have.

Sara Kaplan ’16

Sara is an independent Media Studies major from New York City. When she’s not trying to explain her major to people, she can be found on campus printing photos in the dark room, looking up ways to cheaply travel to Europe, or hoarding all of the hummus cups and diet cokes from the Spa. Despite being a true city girl at heart, Sara loves fishing and campfires but most of all, reading and writing. She’s super excited to be a FWC staff member and can’t wait to work with you!

Sierra Leavitt ’16

Sierra is an English major with an Administrative Science minor who comes right from our great state of Maine. She can be found with Colby’s Alpine Ski Team in the majority of her time but she also works at the Bookstore alongside the Writers’ Center. Sierra has an almost unacceptable infatuation with young adult novels but can be found exploring Maine’s rivers and ski slopes more often than not. She understands that writing can be a painful task for many students but she hopes that a visit to the Writers’ Center will make writing at least a small bit more enjoyable. Sierra looks forward to working with any and all students needing a push in the right direction with their writing process.

Sam Leblanc ’15

Sam is an English and Religious Studies double major. She loves her home state of Maine and will gladly point you in the direction of some great restaurants in Portland or dispel (or confirm) rumors about Maine winters. She loves to read, watch movies, and fence in Colby’s fencing club. Along with doing homework, working, sleeping, hanging with friends, and in general being a typical college student, Sam edits and writes for the Echo. She is very excited to work with you on any phase of your paper and really enjoys meeting new people. Sam is a bit nerdy but very approachable and always happy to help. Come visit her in the Writer’s Center!

Simone Leung ’17

Simone is a sophomore pursuing a Global Studies major and a Chinese minor. She grew up in Shanghai, where she attended an international school and was fortunate enough to work with a diverse group of peers, including many ESL students. Besides tutoring in the FWC, Simone is also a features writer for The Colby Echo and a member of the Pequod writing committee.  She also enjoys playing volleyball, throwing pots, and traveling. Simone would be delighted help work on a draft or even brainstorm for writing topics with you!

Monica Li ’15

Monica is a senior English and psychology double major. Although she is from Shanghai, she has also lived in Seattle, Hong Kong, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Since she has an international background, she enjoys meeting people from diverse places. She is a fan of the writing center for its friendly, cheerful, and welcoming atmosphere. She is an optimistic person who is always willing to try her best and help you work through your paper. At Colby, she is a member of Adults Reading to Children, Colby Cares About Kids, and Campus Conversations on Race. She is passionate about community service, likes playing tennis, enjoys reading, and loves traveling. She can be quite the chatterbox as well. Since she loves meeting new people and loves to talk incessantly, swing by and say hello!

Joe Long ’15

Joe is a Government and Global Studies major who very much wishes Colby had an English minor. He grew up in Cape Elizabeth—a fact he usually tries to keep quiet–but is happy to at least not be from Massachusetts. Some favorite activities include compulsively reading the news, zoning out, lounging on the beach, and avoiding snow. Joe knows as well as anyone how painful writing can be, and how easy it can be to put it off—it took him several weeks to get around to writing this six sentence blurb. But he also strongly believes that writing can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Joe looks forward to working with those who agree with him on that point, and convincing those who don’t to do so.

Justin Lutian ’15

Justin is a biochemistry and English major from Manila, Philippines. As someone whose own writing can be verbose and convoluted, he understands the challenge of effectively and succinctly delivering a message to a reader. He enjoys all parts of the writing process but most especially the revision where ideas and their expression are sharpened. Outside tutoring, Justin is a Community Advisor (CA), a Colby Cares About Kids mentor, and a lab researcher. His distinctively high voice has been an asset for him in the The Megalomaniacs, a co-ed a cappella group on campus. He has a particular passion for Shakespeare and early modern English poetry and spent a semester in England nourishing this (near-)obsession.

Nora Mabie ’17

Nora is a sophomore English major. She is from Chicago, and loves spending time with her friends and four younger siblings. Nora is a member of the Colby Women’s Soccer team,and is also a CCAK mentor. Nora loves spending time outdoors, especially kayaking, biking, running, and hiking. Nora is excited to be a part of the Writers’ Center and looks forward to helping Colby students with their writing concerns!

Jen McGeoch ’16

Jen is a junior History and Government double major hailing from an hour outside of Boston (Plot twist! She lives in NH). Abraham Lincoln is her home skillet biscuit and she can, and will, spend hours talking with you about the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, her all-consuming love of tacos, and the merits of cat ownership. Her biggest accomplishment is that she has seen Dave Matthews Band in concert 3 times and well, you know how it goes…can’t stop, won’t stop.

Caroline McGourthy ’15

Caroline is a senior Global Studies major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  And no, just because she is from Wisconsin does not mean she lives on a farm; Milwaukee is actually a pretty big city.  In her spare time Caroline enjoys knitting and horseback riding.  She also enjoys watching Packers games/ any commercial Aaron Rodgers is in and almost all documentaries on Netflix.  Around campus, you can hear her incorporating quotes from Bridesmaids, Step Brothers, and 21 Jump Street into everyday conversation.  At the Writers’ Center, Caroline welcomes students with all types of papers at any stage in the writing process to come in so she can help you with your paper by teaching you fun stylistic and grammatical tricks that you can hopefully use later on when re-reading your writing by yourself.

Shelby O’Neill ’15

Shelby O’Neill is a senior philosophy and government double major. He grew up in Corfu, NY—a small, rural town about half an hour outside of Buffalo, NY. He enjoys wandering in the woods, farmers’ markets, and small town diners. He listens to Bob Dylan on vinyl, reads Jack Kerouac novels, and watches old-school Jimmy Stewart and Steve McQueen movies. As a Buffalonian, he is an expert on Buffalo chicken wings (sort of snobbish on this subject) and intends to see the Buffalo Bills win a Superbowl at some point in his Colby career. He looks forward to working with you in the Writers’ Center.

Elise Ozarowski ’15

Elise is a senior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Religious Studies. When she’s not bundled up at Colby for the majority of the school year, she’s probably rehearsing with the girls on Colby’s Hipnotik Dance Team, horseback riding in Skowhegan, writing poetry in Selah Tea, or making Copy Edits in the Echo office. Unless Dairy Cone is open, in which case she’s probably at Dairy Cone. She’s one of those crazy people who actually enjoys grammar, and would love to chat with you about any part of the writing process!

Izzy Prince ’15

Izzy is a senior from California. She’s majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves reading your work at the Writers’ Center, and believes that a good cup of tea can do wonders. She would be delighted to help you dissect a paper or just brainstorm. In her spare time, Izzy writes old-fashioned letters with a fountain pen, because everyone likes to get real mail. She is also a member of The Megalomaniacs, Colby’s most epic co-ed a cappella group. When not at Colby, Izzy roams the earth searching for delicious carrot cake, heedless of the wind and rain. She loves ingenious whodunits, particularly Sherlock Holmes mysteries. It is almost never the butler.

Laura Rosenthal ’15

Laura Rosenthal is a junior from the far, far away land of Newton, Massachusetts. She is an English major with a Creative Writing minor, but would be happy to help you with any kind of paper. Laura loves the FWC because of all the friendly tutors. When she’s not tutoring, Laura enjoys naming all the countries of the world on Sporcle, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Laura hopes you will stop by the Writer’s Center to work on your papers!

Gabe Salzer ’15

Gabe was born in Santa Monica, California, but sadly moved to Massachusetts when he was six months old.  Since making it to the cold state from the gold state, Gabe has had a full childhood, an Arlington high education, and too many chicken finger honey mustard subs from Ma Ma Goos.  After graduating from Arlington High, Gabe realized that one high school diploma wasn’t enough, and decided to attend Deerfield Academy for a postgraduate year.  Once at Colby College, he found that he wanted to major in Econ and minor in Italian studies.

Over his incredibly fascinating and diverse life, Gabe has found a passion for music, sports, and all things interesting.  He always likes to learn new things, so reviewing essays and brainstorming for topics that he knows little about are always a pleasure.  It’s been said that Gabe is an upbeat and easygoing person, so even in the direst of scenarios, one can expect a session to be calm and positive.

Marisa Serrano ’15

Marisa is an English major, with dabbling but intense interest in religious studies, philosophy, and Spanish. She has always loved reading and writing, and is especially fond of Tolkien, Vonnegut, Hemingway, and Austen. Even though she is from (the Colby standard) fifteen-minutes-outside-of-Boston, she is far from typical in her avid love for the nuances of language, classic rock music, and spending time outdoors – especially at her family’s cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Marisa’s greatest talents are wasting hours on Netflix, quoting 30 Rock and Spongebob, napping, nomming on snacks, sleeping, and otherwise procrastinating her work to the very last minute. More than anything, she understands the stress that a huge assignment can cause; so, come see her for some paper help and de-stressing conversation!

Owens Strawinski ’17

Owens is a sophomore studying Neuropsychology. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing the mandolin, being in the wilderness, studying theology, and arguing about existential questions. She runs a lot and is often found climbing things (trees, walls, etc.). Owens hails originally from Atlanta, GA, but has also worked/hiked in Alaska and Wyoming. She anticipates that she will enjoy working with students to make their thoughts and ideas clear throughout their writing.

Anna Thin ’15

Anna is a senior from Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys traveling, skiing, cooking, and reading other people’s essays. Her favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming and organization. Anna always has prosciutto on stock, loves to play with turtles, and enjoys watching Dexter on Showtime. If you ever want to kill an essay, she would be more than happy to help.

Julie Toich ’15

Julie is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing.  A few of her favorite things are mountains, extremely cold lakes and streams, dark chocolate, mozzarella cheese, and strong winds.  When not taming her horse-beast of a golden-doodle, she enjoys sleeping, playing guitar, and crying about fictional characters.  Julie has always loved writing and is eager to channel some of that passion into tutoring at the Writers’ Center.  At Colby, she’s a member of EVE and CCAK and an avid supporter of all things liberal arts.  She is a firm believer that a large part of what makes a great paper is finding a topic that’s really interesting to you.

John Tortorello ’15

John Tortorello is a senior from Medway, Massachusetts and is working on a physics major. An avid member of the Colby Outing Club, John loves any time spent in the great outdoors and is looking forward to being a COOT leader in the fall. When not running, hiking, or climbing, you can usually find John sleeping, eating, or otherwise avoiding his math and physics problem sets. He is excited about joining the team in the Farnham Writers’ Center in Fall of 2012 because tutoring will be a great opportunity to discuss random essays presented to him by brilliant Colby writers from all areas of study. His favorite foods include spaghetti and meatballs, zebra cake, and fresh tomatoes, and he will never turn down a pack of fruit snacks. When he is feeling under the weather, John likes to curl up and watch hours of Planet Earth and Lord of the Rings. In fact, he really likes to do this when he is feeling over the weather as well. John looks forward to meeting you and your essay in the FWC.

Shadey Trinidad ’15

Shadey strongly believes that every writer has his or her individual unique voice and the Writers’ Center is the perfect place to discover it! Shadey is a proud New Yorker who is majoring in American Studies and double minoring in Anthropology and Education.  When she’s not in class, you can find Shadey in the Pugh Center working as the program coordinator or in one of the clubrooms. She is fluent in español and would be more than happy to help you with papers in her native language. As somebody who loves the simple things in life, Shadey enjoys a good laugh and good conversation with great people over a hot cup of tea, so come visit her in the Writers’ Center!

Alicia Wall ’15

Alicia is a senior from Greenville, NC who is majoring in American Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. Besides helping others with their papers, Alicia enjoys sports, eclectic music, jasmine green tea, and the company of close friends. As a veteran tutee of the Writers’ Center herself, Alicia understands the helpfulness and calming effect that an appointment can have. So whether you have just an idea or a draft that’s nearly complete, stop by the Writers’ Center for your caffeine fix and an hour of fun conversation!

Carina Wallack ’17

Carina is a Sophomore Science, Technology, and Society major and Anthropology minor from Newton, Massachusetts (not 20, but in fact 13 minutes outside of Boston). In addition to tutoring in the Farnham Writer’s Center, Carina volunteers at the Hall School in Waterville and leads trips for the COC and the recently founded Nordic ski club. She enjoys napping in the sun, reading sci-fi novels, and going on spontaneous outdoor adventures. Carina is very excited to tutor in the FWC, and she is happy to work with you on any assignment in any stage of the writing process.

Alex Walsh ’16

Alex is a junior Economics and History double major. He grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It is a small town located an hour outside of New York City. In his free time, he enjoys fly-fishing, traveling, and playing ice hockey. At the Writers’ Center, he welcomes students from any discipline. He understands the tedious process of crafting a great paper. He enjoys the collaborative learning process of working with students. Alex is looking forward to working with many of his peers this year at the FWC!

Waylin Yu ’15

Waylin is a Psychology: Neuroscience major and Creative Writing minor hailing from the leftern-most, frou-frou part of the West: San Francisco, California. At Colby, he is a music director at WMHB 89.7 FM, a writer for Outside Colby and the Libel, and involved in programs like CCAK and Best Buddies. In his free time, he likes to take naps, drink water, eat chicken flautas, and spontaneously sing/butcher the Dawson’s Creek theme song. A big believer in the power of the collaborative writing process, Waylin is looking forward to teaming up with the patrons of the Farnham Writers’ Center and aiding their growth as writers. He also loves cats and encourages you to bring in any feline-related literature to revise/for funsies.

Izzy Zaidi ’17

Izzy is a sophomore from the far and distant lands of midcoast Maine. She enjoys photography, mimicing different accents, and drinking lots of chai. She loves to help people, which is why she wanted to be a writing tutor. She would be more than happy to help her peers with their work no matter where they are in the writing process.