Paula Harrington, Director of Farnham Writers’ Center

In addition to directing the Farnham Writers’ Center, Paula Harrington teaches writing, tutoring writing, and American literature. Before coming to Colby in 2008, she taught writing, literature, and American Studies at Marymount College of Fordham University, the University of New England, and the University of California, Davis. In 2013, she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Paris for a research project that examined French cultural stereotypes in the writings of Mark Twain. At Marymount/Fordham, she also served as director of composition and director of the writing center. She holds a Ph.D. in English from UC Davis, an M.A. in English from San Francisco State University, and a B.A., magna cum laude, in English and Writing from Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.  She is also a former journalist, who worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for daily papers including the San Francisco Examiner, San Mateo TimesHayward Daily Review, and Contra Costa Times. Her research interests include writing center pedagogy, cross-cultural rhetoric, and Mark Twain studies.  She is the author, with Ronald Jenn, of Mark Twain & France: The Making of a New American Identity (University of Missouri Press, 2017), and her articles have been published in the minnesota review and the Mark Twain Annual.

Eliza Adams ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Eliza hails from a small town 42 minutes outside of Boston and 15 minutes from the nearest Chipotle (where she can be found most nights). She is a double major in English and psychology. When she’s not devouring burrito bowls or dancing with Colby’s Hipnotik, she’s probably either hiking, baking, knitting, napping, Facetiming with her dog, or eating cereal in Dana. She has been repeatedly confused for a CCAK mentee by the Benton Elementary School gym teacher but still cherishes her time with the program. Eliza has had a love for writing ever since she debuted her first novel in second grade, “Eliza Goes to the Movies”, which received rave reviews from her parents and twin brother. She can’t wait to work with students in the Farnham Writers Center this year!

Marnay Avant ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Marnay is a junior double majoring in Sociology and African American studies. Coming from St. Louis, Missouri, she’s obsessed with BBQ and Soul food. At Colby, she’s involved in Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity (SOBHU), Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK), Women of Color Alliance (WOCA), and the First Generation-to-College Student Advisory Board. In addition to the writers’ center, she works at the Pugh Center as a multicultural assistant. She enjoys listening to 90s R&B music, reading, talking about social issues, and blogging. This year, Marnay looks forward to seeing you in FWC.

Arunika Bhatia ’19

Arunika is a sophomore hoping to major in Environmental Science and Spanish. She’s a Posse scholar, hailing all the way from from the sweltering city of Houston, TX! Beyond the Writing Center, Arunika is involved in SHOC (Student Health on Campus), Sexual Violence Prevention, and PCB (The Pugh Community Board). When she’s not spending all her money at Selah Tea or frolicking about the arboretum, you can generally find Arunika having dance parties in Lovejoy or knitting in her room. Arunika is a huge fan of thrift shopping, visiting art museums, corn (popped or on the cob), and doing absolutely nothing. Please feel welcome to visit Arunika for any of your writing or composition needs!

Daniel Boudreau ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Dan is a junior from not twenty but forty minutes outside of Boston. His non-Writers’ Center interests include rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, and fawning over baby animals on Buzzfeed. His dream job is to be the official Ben and Jerry’s taste tester, though he supposes that he’d settle for Godiva or Haagen Dazs, if it came to that. He is majoring in both Spanish and Geology but will be more than happy to talk with you about papers of all persuasions.

Gender Identity: He/him/his.

Alex Churchill ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Alex is junior Environmental Policy major and Economics minor.  He hails from the world-renowned New Jersey and is a member of Men’s Rugby, Environmental Coalition, and Outing Club.  Alex loves labrador retrievers, all things outdoors, late night quesadillas, travel, and penguins.  Despite playing rugby and bungee jumping in two locations on the African continent, he has still never broken a bone.  Alex prefers writing argumentative essays but is willing and looking forward to working with all potential writers!

Arianna Cohen ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Arianna is super excited to join the FWC staff this year as a junior. Coming from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, she loves the ocean, a good book, and cuddling with her corgi. Arianna is a Sociology major with a Cinema Studies minor. She is always open to new and intriguing novel or film recommendations. On campus, Arianna also works at the front desk in Admissions and is a CCAK mentor for a local boy. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, spending time with friends, going on spontaneous adventures, and binge eating raspberries. She’s looking forward to meeting new peers in the FWC this year!

Monica Colmenares ’19

Monica is a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio. She is studying to be an environmental science major with a concentration in computer science. She’s on the women’s crew team, and can speak Spanish and American Sign Language. Her accomplishments cover a wide range of activities that require immense concentration and expertise; she can quote the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from memory (including sound effects), and is currently watching Parks and Recreation (a national treasure) from the beginning… for the fifth time. Dedication. She loves rollercoasters, watercolors, Jurassic Park, and baseball, and would do almost anything for a scoop of ice cream with some dinosaur sprinkles. She absolutely hates spiders, vegetables, when it’s too hot outside, people who keep their middle name a secret, and the cereal part of Lucky Charms. She would also love to help improve your writing (or to just brainstorm, that’s cool too)!

Martin Deutsch ’19

Martin is a sophomore computer science major from Essex, Vermont. He is involved with the COC and CCAK at Colby, and he enjoys hiking, reading, and being the last person in dining halls. He is happy to help you with any of your writing related queries, especially on scientific or math related papers.

Mirco Dinelli ’18

Mirco is an economics-math and physics double major. He enjoys fencing in Colby’s fencing club, playing the clarinet with the wind ensemble (and playing soundtracks on his own), being with his friends, and being of utility to other people (he even used an economics term there). Indeed, this latter hobby is one of his main reasons for working in the WC. He would be quite happy to help anyone with any essay they would like to improve in a collaborative environment.

Sarah Gaffney ’19

Sarah is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with minors in Education and Computer Science. In addition to spending time in the Farnham Writer’s Center, Sarah loves spending time on Bill Alfond Field as a member of the Colby field hockey team. She is also a CCAK mentor and a Hardy Girls Healthy Women muse. Her unique love of whipped cream and the color yellow make her an extremely warm-hearted and enthusiastic person, so come by and work with her on anything from mathematical proofs to philosophical theories! 

Julia Grimmett ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Julia is a French Studies major who hails from Sacramento, California. She loves the snow but sometimes suffers from beach separation anxiety. She also loves to travel and has lived in both Mexico and Japan. She plays the drums and enjoys jamming out to many different genres. She enjoys reading and writing and her idea of a perfect afternoon is curling up with a good book and a puppy (because dogs are clearly better than cats). She looks forward to working with and getting to know you as a writing fellow or a generalist tutor!

Catherine Haut ’18 (abroad Spring ’18)

Catherine is an Environmental Studies major with a special interest in food systems.  She is happiest when she is splashing in the ocean, running in the woods, picking homegrown tomatoes, and stretching her mind and toes while doing yoga.   Catherine believes in the importance of writing for both academics as well as self discovery and expression and would love to chat about any piece of writing, whether you’re just beginning, putting on the final touches, or somewhere in between.  This semester she is studying abroad in Chile; she looks forward to meeting you next fall!

Jacob Hyatt ’18

Jacob is a junior from midcoast Maine. He is an English-Creative Writing major and a double minor in geology and cinema studies. When not worrying about job prospects, Jacob spends most of his spare time writing, watching film, binge-watching TV shows, and reading. He especially enjoys reading modern American literature, horror literature, and film criticism. His notable achievements in life include being valedictorian of his high school class and watching forty-one episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender in a single day. Jacob looks forward to working with anyone who needs help with a paper or two and apologizes beforehand if he has no social skills (but that’s never stopped him before!). 

Joanna Keel ’19

Joanna is a Sophomore hailing from the UK, although she gets to call the sunny little Kingdom of Swaziland her home. She is a double Environmental Policy and English major at Colby and has a very hard time deciding which she prefers. She is happy to help with any papers in these fields, but would also love to work with papers for other departments. She is excited to get to know more about some of the interesting classes Colby offers, and about the interesting people who take them. She reads a lot of books, drinks a lot of tea, takes a lot of photographs, and will happily discuss Game of Thrones season 7 theories with you. Between the Writers’ Center and her second job at the Circulation desk, she spends more time cumulatively in Miller than in her own room (she also has a hard time spelling “centre” in American English). 

Ella Jackson ’19

Ella was born and raised in Houston, Texas. While enjoying her time in the cooler climate, she’s pursuing a major in Global Studies (please ask no follow up questions, seeing as she has yet to pick any sort of concentration…). While wandering campus, you’re likely to spot her surrounding herself with food in a dining hall, lounging in the grass, or pretending to be productive in Miller.

Mark Kingsley ’18

Mark Kingsley is a junior at Colby who comes from the only state to match the majestic beauty of Maine: Colorado. Mark really enjoys writing. So much so, he is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing as well as American Studies. He can usually be spotted on the second floor of Miller, either during shifts at the Writers’ Center or sipping on coffee while working on his own writing. On the rare occasions he is not writing, he passes his time by taking in nature, making Arrested Development references, and enjoying the beautiful poetry of 2 Chainz. Mark knows writing is hard because he masochistically does it all the time. So he loves being able to help others with the continuous struggle of getting words onto paper.

Alison Levitt ’19

Alison is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Economics and Chinese. Although she was born and raised in New York City, this past summer Alison and her family migrated to the land of Drakem moose, and maple syrup (aka Canada). On campus, she’s involved in COOT, Mediocre, The Echo, and CCAK and will gladly talk your ear off about any of these clubs. She can usually be found drinking iced coffee in all types of weather, as well as loudly complaining about the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Anne Lee ’19

Hi! I’m Anne Lee. I’m a sophomore and an English Major. I live in Weston, Massachusetts (20 minutes outside of Boston, surprise, surprise!). I enjoy reading a good, engaging adventure novel when I’m not busy writing essays. I occasionally bike or ski depending on the weather. I’m looking forward to working at the Farnham Center this Fall (and the rest of the semesters until I graduate)!

Graham Lian ’18

Graham is a sophomore economics major from Alexandria, Va. He’s proud of his state but usually tells people he’s from Washington, D.C. because it’s more interesting and fun to talk about. He is on the lacrosse team and enjoys doing outdoor activities in Maine like fishing during his free time. He is looking forward to working with his fellow students in the Farnham Writer’s Center this fall!

Major: Economics.

Will McBrian ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

I am a Philosophy and Biology double major. I grew up in Dedham, Massachusetts and went to Milton Academy, where both my parents work. I am on the Squash team and am a CCAK mentor. In my spare time, I enjoy fly fishing and biking.

Alison Obstler ’19

Alison Obstler is a sophomore from New York City. Although she is a horrible artist, she loves art and therefore is an art history major. She also loves America so she decided to add American Studies to her repertoire. Alison is a member of the Colby Crew team and also a (sometimes) soloist but usually just background dancer in Mediocre acapella. She loves hiking, skiing, and pretty much anything that involves spending time outdoors. She is also extremely passionate about bucket hats and funky socks. Alison is looking forward to working with you on improving your writing and hopes that each tutee leaves the writing center feeling confident and prepared to tackle any essay that they might come across in the future.

Ella McDonald ’19

Ella hails from Massachusetts, but has only been to Boston once in her life. As a sophomore at Colby, she will try to decide what she wants to major in. On campus you can find her working with plants in the greenhouse and campus garden, while daydreaming about hiking or feminist utopias. She is perpetually trying to learn how to throw pottery and play guitar (though not at the same time). In addition, she is always working to improve her writing, and she hopes to help other people do the same in the FWC!

Jocelyn Ng ’18

Jocelyn is a junior pursuing a major in Biology with a concentration in neuroscience. She is also doing double minors in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies because she can’t make up her mind. Despite being from Hong Kong where there are seven times more people than there is in Maine, she has loved being at Colby because it gives her the chance to hike, bike, and run outdoors as much as she wants. If you don’t see her doing those things, she’ll probably be on the rugby field (with some of the best people on campus), making ambitious travel plans, writing in her journal, or having a good conversation. Jocelyn is really looking forward to working with students in FWC to help make the writing process just a little less nerve-wracking!

Jojo Parker ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Jojo is junior all the way from Houston, Texas who constantly complains of the cold and lack of nearby Chi-Fil-A’s. She is currently majoring in American Studies with a double minor in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies. When she is not inside the library working on a series of essays or projects, she is bundled up in blankets in her room watching old TV shows on Netflix. As she wants to be an author, Jojo’s main goal is to help everyone be as confident in their writing as the authors they admire. Her specific tutoring interests include being a writing fellow and working with 112s.

Angie Peterson ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Angie is a junior hailing from the DMV with a keen interest in the perils of the lives of those in Scandal, 30 Rock, Parks n Rec, The Office, Orange Is The New Black, and Jodi Picoult and Gillian Flynn novels. She is pursuing a double major in Anthropology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and thoroughly enjoys many interesting and humbling articles, rants, and discussions. On campus you can likely find her pleadingly asking fellow tutor Julia Grimmett to make her another playlist, frantically pouring over affidavits for Mock Trial, randomly finding some courage to join a Powder & Wig production, or desperately trying not to get lost on a run through Upper and Lower trails. Angie is also deeply and fully appreciative of good books, writing, and conversation, and hopes to provide comfortable and productive tutoring sessions for those of all writing levels.

Gender Identity: She/her/hers.

Sebastien Philemon ’19

I’m from Boston, MA and am currently a sophomore at Colby with a double major in Government and French studies. I am a member of the football team as well as a CCAK volunteer. I am also on the PreLaw track and enjoy persuasive writing and debating.

Ali Russell ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

I am from Hampden, Maine. (North of Colby!) I spend as much of my summer I can at my family camp–to those unfamiliar with the concept: read cottage or summer home–where I have mastered a rotation of reading, swimming, taking on opponents in Monopoly, and eating. Back at Colby, I intend to major in Psychology and minor in both Anthropology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I greatly enjoy reading and appreciate writing.

Peg Schreiner ’18

I am a junior from New York City majoring in Global Studies and French Studies, but so far have enjoyed being able to experience Maine’s nature (winter not included). When not working on the News staff of the Echo or at the Writing Center, I can be found writing my own papers in the basement of Miller, napping, snacking, or hanging out with friends.

Christian Sparacio ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

My name is Christian Sparacio. I currently play football for Colby and sing in the jazz band, along with other personal musical endeavors. I love the office and Game of Thrones, and love puppies and John Mayer.

Jared Wang ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Jared is double majoring in Environmental Science and Spanish. He loves making Chinese teas, learning about environmental issues, and day dreaming. He travels a lot because the outside world is always attractive to him. With an international background, he may have a different perspective on your writing! Jared is looking forward to meet you in the Writers’ Center.

Lindsay Wong ’19

At a young age, Lindsay developed a natural propensity for using big words with meanings he’s not quite sure of. He was also never taught to not end a sentence in a preposition, nor was he taught the improper use of double negatives. Lindsay aspires to major in English and is also considering a minor in English’s sister department, Physics. As a sophomore, his free time mostly consists of improper time management and listening to as much Spotify Premium as possible before his 7-day free trial expires. He’s also a big supporter of jalapeños and their rights to exist in salads.

Gillian Wei ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

I am currently a junior and was born and raised in Hong Kong. Right now, I plan to major in art history. I love traveling, cuddling with my dog, and wasting my time on Netflix. I also love reading and writing and am super excited to start working at the Writer’s Center! I have always had an interest in helping people develop their writing skills. As an international student, I am particularly looking forward to working with ESL and other international students. Feel free to drop by the Writing Center at any time, regardless of whatever stage your essay is in. I’m here to help!

Cally Xi ’18 (abroad Spring ’17)

Cally is a junior and hails from the unknown suburban town of Broomfield, Colorado. She’s a Biology Major with the Neuroscience concentration. She enjoys hiking, writing, puns, and spending way too much time on Youtube. She’s taken Science, English, and fiction Fiction writing courses, so she can help you with anything from lab reports to essays to short stories. She looks forward to working with you!

Ilana Zyatitsky ’18

Ilana lives in Anchorage, Alaska and chose to come to Colby to continue the cold life style in the snow. In her free time, besides helping students with writing, she enjoys downhill and cross country skiing, traveling, and learning other languages, as she is fluent in Russian. She hopes to make a difference in the writing center by helping her 112/ hopefully other international students, and other local students who would like help on their essays. She plans to major in Global Studies and minor in Russian.