Write Around the Clock

Write Around the Clock will start this Thursday 5/7 at midnight and run until Friday 5/8 at 4pm!

FWC Drop-In Hours

The Farnham Writers’ Center is now open Monday-Wednesday from 4-6pm and Thursday from 5-6pm for drop-ins. Stop by with any paper-related questions!

FWC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!

This year marks our 30th year of operation, and we invite you to come in and see what we’re all about. We are open Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and 6 p.m.-midnight, and on Sundays from 6 p.m. to midnight.

As an added bonus click here to listen to the SWCA’s “Write It Like Disaster” Compilation featuring songs about writers’ centers written by staffers, professionals, and allies.

FWC Open Sept 15 for the 2014-2015 Academic Year!

The  Farnham Writers’ Center will open for the 14-15 academic year on September 15.  We’re looking forward to working with all new and returning students.  This year, the Center will have three head tutors who are current Colby students: David DiNicola, Brooke Fairbanks, and Andy Kang in fall semester; and David, Brooke, and Sam Silvay in spring.  You may contact them with questions , comments, or concerns at headtutors@colby.edu. You may also contact Director Paula Harrington at pcharrin.

Welcome back and let’s have a great year!

Tutor Props

In addition to being amazing employees of the FWC, our tutors are genuinely cool and interesting people outside of our walls. Here’s what some of our tutors have been up to:

  • Sam Jones: Back from a semester abroad in London—her first trip abroad ever!
  • Olivia Ainsworth: Traveled to Paris, hiked the Oregon coast trail, became a certified bartender
  • Anna Jackson: Completed the Middlebury Spanish Immersion Program
  • Elise Ozarowski: Taught four photography classes to physically and mentally challenged adults
  • Alicia Wall: Went to Costa Rica on a Presidential Scholarship
  • Laura Rosenthal: Back from a semester in London, new Pugh Community Board Vice Chair, worked for an editing software company called WordRake
  • Carina Wallack: Worked at a lodge in the Adirondacks and hiked 18 of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks (4,000+ft) as well as 10 of the smaller (2500-4000 ft) mountains
  • Izzy Prince: Back from a semester in Scotland, where she studied Jane Austen and did the St. Andrews May Dip and didin’t die of hypothermia
  • Sara Kaplan: Worked as a production assistant on TLC’s “Breaking Amish”
  • Justin Lutian: Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at the end of the school year, spent part of the summer working in a lab on campus
  • Andrew Finn: Worked with Colby Writing Program Director/Professor Stacey Sheriff as a research assistant studying International English L2 student pedagogy, identity, and tutoring in U.S. higher education
  • Jen McGeoch: Worked as an intern at the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis in Cambridge, MA
  • Carli Jaff: Worked at a kids camp on Martha’s Vineyard

FWC Closed for the Summer

Another great year coming to a close, and the FWC has made it through WATC without anyone dying of exhaustion. We closed at 4pm on Friday, May 9th, then went right into our end of year celebration “the Writers’ Center Olympics” where tutors and EN214 students compete against each other in a series of events.

Write Around The Clock 2014!

Starting at 11:59pm this Wednesday night, the Farnham Writers’ Center will be open continuously until Friday at 4pm. In addition to offering tutoring through the night, the FWC will have snacks and beverages for tutees. Since we CLOSE FOR THE YEAR this Friday, May 9th, this is THE LAST CHANCE for you to get your papers looked over by one of our tutors. Make sure to sign up for a session now at colby.mywconline.com and choose “WATC Spring 2014″ from the “choose schedule” dropdown menu.

FWC Offers Oral Presentation Tutoring for CLAS

The Farnham Writers’ Center announces a new tutoring service that we will be kicking off in conjunction with the Colby Liberal Arts Symposium: Oral Presentation Tutoring. Designed for individual or group presentations, each tutoring session will last 30 minutes and will be conducted by a three or four tutor panel. In addition to offering video/audio recording (for aural revision), tutors will respond to your presentation on three levels, providing rich feedback as you begin to hone your presentation.

Sign up for a session at colby.mywconline.com –make sure to select “OPT: Colby Liberal Arts Symposium” from the dropdown menu. The kickoff event will take place April 25-27, and sessions are limited, so sign up today!

Tutor Props!

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that our writing tutors rule. They do so many things (working late shifts, teaching sections of EN112, working with professors as Writing Fellows, supporting the center at Kennebec Valley Community College, running community writing events)…and that’s just what they do as tutors! As students at Colby they do so much more, from running campus clubs, to conducting amazing research, to winning awards, to initiating new projects/initiatives, etc. … not to mention the other travel, jobs, and internships they do outside of school. You can see some of the things they do in their bios (“Meet the Staff” under appointments), but we decided that it was about time to acknowledge some of the neat things they (our current and past tutors) do in a Tutor Props post.


  • Abbott Matthews: Academic Specialist at the U.S. Department of Defense and the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. In February, Abbott left for an English Teaching Fullbright in Brazil.
  • Cale Wardell: Research Assistant at Boston Medical Center
  • Lauren Fisher: Living in Tel Aviv, working at Israel Experience and pursuing her M.A. in Security and Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University.
  • Michael Langley: Living in Lesotho, teaching English as a member of the Peace Corps
  • Rachel Haines: Completed the Columbia University Publishing Course, now Assistant Editor at eScholastic.
  • Kelsey Naruse: Working for Marquis Consonus, a healthcare company that deals with long term care and acute rehab.
  • Patrick Martin: Accepted to MA programs in Foreign Policy


  • Anna Hess: Spent JanPlan implementing clean water program in Ghana, hoping to continue working on environmental policy in the future.
  • Ariella Gintzler: Giving summer kayak tours. Accepted to the Green Corps, still waiting for placement but interested in working on renewables, food policy, and clean energy. Also considering publishing industry.
  • Emily Nadel: Accepted to Match Corps Boston, Match Community Day School doing one-on-one tutoring with students parallel to classroom instruction.
  • Gabby Johnson: Accepted to the Venice internship program for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection where she will continue to pursue her interests in art history and museum curatorship.
  • Kristen Starkowski: Will be going to Princeton University to pursue her PhD in English.
  • Kate Bellerose: PhD in Latin American studies
  • Lucas Killcoyne: Working at Penguin Group, breaking into the publishing world!


  • Em Jamieson: Over the JanPlan semester participated in the pre-med academy 
  • Savannah Judge: Spent Fall semester in residence at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences doing independent study on algae species
  • Shelby O’Neill: received the Laurie Peterson Memorial Award for “a Junior Government major who, ‘through academic achievement and evidence of leadership and character, has made an outstanding contribution to the Department.'”