Tutor Props

In addition to being amazing employees of the FWC, our tutors are genuinely cool and interesting people outside of our walls. Here’s what some of our tutors have been up to:

  • Sam Jones: Back from a semester abroad in London—her first trip abroad ever!
  • Olivia Ainsworth: Traveled to Paris, hiked the Oregon coast trail, became a certified bartender
  • Anna Jackson: Completed the Middlebury Spanish Immersion Program
  • Elise Ozarowski: Taught four photography classes to physically and mentally challenged adults
  • Alicia Wall: Went to Costa Rica on a Presidential Scholarship
  • Laura Rosenthal: Back from a semester in London, new Pugh Community Board Vice Chair, worked for an editing software company called WordRake
  • Carina Wallack: Worked at a lodge in the Adirondacks and hiked 18 of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks (4,000+ft) as well as 10 of the smaller (2500-4000 ft) mountains
  • Izzy Prince: Back from a semester in Scotland, where she studied Jane Austen and did the St. Andrews May Dip and didin’t die of hypothermia
  • Sara Kaplan: Worked as a production assistant on TLC’s “Breaking Amish”
  • Justin Lutian: Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at the end of the school year, spent part of the summer working in a lab on campus
  • Andrew Finn: Worked with Colby Writing Program Director/Professor Stacey Sheriff as a research assistant studying International English L2 student pedagogy, identity, and tutoring in U.S. higher education
  • Jen McGeoch: Worked as an intern at the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis in Cambridge, MA
  • Carli Jaff: Worked at a kids camp on Martha’s Vineyard