My name is Mduduzi Langwenya, nicknamed Dan, from Swaziland. I am currently sophomore at Colby College, where I am doing a double major in Geoscience and Economics. I enjoy outdoors activities. The Jan Plan Geology field study in South Africa is a unique opportunity to study the home region, and further hone my field research skills.


My name is Tara Chizinski. I am originally from Pearl River, New York, and currently  a sophomore majoring in Geology at Colby, with minors in math and environmental science. I am extremely excited to spend JanPlan working on Geology in South Africa, getting to spend time in a new country, and gaining experience with field work.


My name is Kody Spencer. I am also a sophomore at Colby and a major in Geology. I am from Ascutney, VT, and a member of Colby’s cross country ski team. I am excited to join this project to see a new country and learn more about the important Permian-Triassic time boundary.

January 2012 Field Crew

We're all together again for the first time

The January 2012 field crew is a distinguished group and consists of, standing left to right, Dr. Sandra Kamo (Jack Satterly Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada), Dr. Johann Neveling (Council for Geoscience, Pretoria), Dr. Robert Gastaldo (Whipple-Coddington Professor, Colby College), Mduduzi (Dan) Langwenya ’14 (Colby), Dr. Rose Prevec (Albany Museum, Rhodes University), Dr. John Geissman (University of Texas — Dallas; President of the Geological Society of America), and Kody Spencer ’14 (Colby), and kneeling are Tara Chizinski ’14 (Colby) and Valerie Nxumalo (Council for Geoscience, Pretoria).  Hester and J.P. at Ganora Farm, Nieu Bethesda, are our hosts, friends, and away from home family.

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