Turbidites in Laingsburg

The regional scale turbidites in Laingsburg

On our way back to Capetown, we stopped at a small town of Laingsburg. Laingsburg is a field site for oil companies who explore turbidity currents. There are small and large-scale exposures of turbidites. First, we looked at localized small-scale turbidites. The beds, at this outcrop, display a variety of ripple marks and crossbeds. So, we used the ‘stoss’ and ‘lee’ sides of the cross beds to determine the direction of fluid flow. Then we made other stops just outside the town to look at regional scale turbidites. We got to think about the rule of V’s in a real life exposure. It was simply amazing to see large scaled geologic features and think about the time scale.

About Mduduzi Langwenya

My name is Mduduzi Langwenya, nicknamed Dan, from Swaziland. I am currently sophomore at Colby College, where I am doing a double major in Geoscience and Economics. I enjoy outdoors activities. The Jan Plan Geology field study in South Africa is a unique opportunity to study the home region, and further hone my field research skills.
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