Buffalo at the door!!

Team Karoo has since been reduced to 5 members after Johann, Rose, John, and Valerie finished their intended projects last week. This left the last standing team members, which include Tara, Kody, Bob, Sandra and obviously me, three projects to complete. At Tweefontein, Kody had to characterize the lower section while I had to characterize the upper section of the stratigraphy. Tara had to characterize a river channel at the Wapasberg Pass.
After a week toiling under the Karoo sun, the team decided to take a break last weekend. We headed north to Mountain Zebra national park, near Cradock, to hangout with Springboks, Wildebeests, Zebras, and Kudus. Some of these fellas had their minutes of fame as they posed and strolled for our cameras. Other animals decided to give us the butt picture shots. One buffalo decided that he had had enough living in the, and so it bust its way into the lodge compound to communicate with humans. The rangers were alarmed; however, I admired the confidence. Big ups to the buffalo!!! I was looking forward to shaking hands with him but he was distracted by the rangers.
After the break, the team came back with loads of energy packed in our bags. On Monday morning, as early as we could, we headed out to the field to continue our work. We have since finished the three projects, and we are left with making sure that everything is what it should be.

About Mduduzi Langwenya

My name is Mduduzi Langwenya, nicknamed Dan, from Swaziland. I am currently sophomore at Colby College, where I am doing a double major in Geoscience and Economics. I enjoy outdoors activities. The Jan Plan Geology field study in South Africa is a unique opportunity to study the home region, and further hone my field research skills.
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