First days of Field Work

So we have now been in the field for two days. After a long drive on Friday we arrived in the Karoo at Ganora Guest Farm. The farm is going to be our home for the next two weeks and it is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. We found a locality two days ago, Tweefontain, which has been described in previous papers about the area. Today, we spent a long day in the field at this locality. Our goal is to map the stratigraphy of the exposed rock that supposedly extends 100 meters. We began with rock beds near the bottom of a gully carved out by a stream that is currently dry. We worked our way upstream, measuring 1.5 meter sections at a time. Also, found at this locality are fossil plants seen in at least two distinct beds. There is additionally a potential ash layer about 1.5 meters up from where the most fossil plants have been found. We hope that we can correlate the stratigraphy at this site with another site studied previously. We plan to return to the field at the same site tomorrow for another hot day of work!

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