Sustainability Publications

Maine Policy Review: Special Issue on Sustainability

Introduction by Linda Silka, Bridie McGreavy Brittany Cline and Laura Lindenfeld

“This issue of Maine Policy Review is devoted to the Sustainability Solutions Initiative (SSI). This endeavor, funded by the National Science Foundation, is a unique large-scale effort that brings together faculty from campuses throughout the state to work with stakeholders on sustainability issues through the lens of sustainability science. Sustainability is key to Maine’s future. Sustainability science aims to balance ecological, economic, social, and cultural needs to preserve the planet for future generations. At its core, sustainability science is about aligning research with the needs of communities to ensure that science can inform decision making and lead to more sustainable practices. “

Healthy Lakes and Vibrant Economies: Linking History, Sense of Place, and Watershed Protection in the Belgrade Lakes Region

James Fleming and Erin Love show how history and “sense of place” can help encourage individuals to support environmental protection in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine.

 by James Rodger Fleming, Erin A. Love .

The Path to Sustainable Water Resources Solutions

Peckenham and co-authors describe the importance of water resources to Maine’s people, environment and economy, giving examples of projects from Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative.

by John Peckenham, David Hart, Sean Smith, Shaleen Jain, Whitney King

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