Human Development

This minor encourages an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human growth and development. Students consider a variety of perspectives on the study of human development; examine the relationship between individuals and the social, cultural, and historical context in which they live; and gain practical experience working in an institution or agency devoted to fostering human development and improving human lives. It provides initial preparation for careers in education, human services, and/or social policy, as well as for graduate study in a number of different fields and disciplines. A total of seven courses is required for the minor:

Core Courses (2)

ED 215: Children and Adolescents: Cases and Concepts
ED 431: Senior Seminar in Curriculum and Methods
or ED 493: Senior Seminar in Education and Human Development

Practicum (ED 351) or Internship (1 required)

Electives (4)*

Choose two from:

ED 135: Multicultural Literacy
ED/SO 213: Schools & Society
ED 221: Creating Media for Social Change
ED 231: Teaching for Social Justice
ED 242: History & Philosophy of Progressive Ed
ED/SO 322: Social Class & Schooling
ED 374: Teaching Students with Special Needs
WG/ED 317: Boys to Men
WG/ED 335: Girls, Activism, & Popular Culture

Choose two from:

PS 253: Social Psychology
PS 259: Lifespan Development
SO 252: Race, Ethnicity, and Society
SO 274: Social Inequality and Power

*For substitutions please consult program chair

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