China Town Hall–Local Speaker Event

Please join us for both the China Town Hall and the China Town Hall local speaker event on October 29. Both events are co-sponsored by EAS Department and Goldfarb Center.  Colby local event speaker is Dr. Katherine Palmer Kaup, Chair of Asian Studies Department and James B. Duke Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies, Furman University.

Time: 4:00 pm, October 29, Location: Lovejoy 215

“Conflict and Violence in China’s Minority Regions: Is There a Way Out?”

The last five years have been among the most violent and tense
in parts of China’s minority regions since the Cultural Revolution.
The Chinese government has increased security measures against what it
calls the “three evils” of international terrorism, ethnic splittism,
and religious extremism. What’s behind the rise of ethnic activism,
particularly in Tibet and Xinjiang? Are government policies easing or
exacerbating tensions? Is there a peaceful solution to ethnic strife
in China or will tensions continue to rise?

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