Key Issues in Ethiopia 2012

The Environmental Policy Update 2012 is a series of reports written and produced by the Colby Environmental Policy Group, senior environmental policy majors at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. This is the second Environmental Policy Update report created by students in ES 493: Environmental Policy Practicum taught by Travis W. Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Colby College.

Suggested Citation for Full Report: Colby Environmental Policy Group. 2012. Environmental Policy Update 2012: Development Strategies and Environmental Policy in East Africa. Waterville, Maine: Colby College Environmental Studies Program.

To download the full report (17.1 MB), please click here.

To download or read individual chapters of the report on this site, please click the links below:

Chapter 1: What is the Place for the Environment in Private International Philanthropy?
Chapter 2: Multilevel Environmental Governance: The Case of Ethiopian Floriculture
Chapter 3: Crop-Environment Interactions in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 5: The Small, For-Profit Business Model and Environmentalism in Ethiopia
Chapter 6: Waste Management for Social and Environmental Benefits in Ethiopian Cities
Chapter 7: Progress at Any Cost? International Development Banks, Large Hydropower, and the Environment in Ethiopia