We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for helping us to complete Environmental Policy Update 2012: Development Strategies and Environmental Policy in East Africa

 Those that helped us by sharing valuable information through phone interviews and email correspondences:

Tsgaye Abebe Chairman, Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association
Dr. Sean Avery Director, Water Resources Associates Ltd.
Sara Barbour Vital Signs Monitoring System Coordinator, Conservation International
Alexander Chew Graduate Student, UW Evans School of Public Affairs
Mesfin Gebremedhin Engineering Design Head, Selam Technical and Vocational College
Atkelt Girmay General Manager, Selam Awassa Business Group
Huib Hengsdijk Wageningen University & Research Centre
Abebu Kassie Colby College Student
Nels Nelson Project Manager, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre/Network
Kate Schneider Research Analyst, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Benjamin G. Sishuh Project Manager, 4R Energy PLC

Those of the Colby College Environmental Studies Program and Academic ITS:

Travis Reynolds Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Russ Cole Chair, Environmental Studies Program
Ellen Freeman Instructional Technologist
Manny Gimond GIS and Quantitative Analysis Specialist
Lia Morris Environmental Studies Coordinator
Philip Nyhus Associate Professor of Environmental Science


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