Das Thamattoor has taught a broad range of courses that include introductory organic chemistry classes with laboratory components; small, advanced, and specialized upper level organic chemistry courses; introductory general chemistry courses and laboratories for students with varied backgrounds; and a “non-majors” course specifically designed to meet the science requirement for students who are not science majors. The course content, delivered in an intellectually stimulating environment that is friendly, supportive, and enjoyable, is aimed at helping students develop into independent and critical thinkers. Das is a recipient of several teaching awards including the Teaching Assistant of the Year Award (as a graduate student at Vanderbilt University); the Miles Pickering Distinguished Teaching Award (as a graduate student at Princeton University); the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni Teaching Award (also as a graduate student at Princeton University); and the Charles Bassett Teaching Award (as a faculty at Colby College).

Click on the link(s) below to access Das Thamattoor’s course web pages. Links to courses that he is not teaching this semester are inactive.

CH112 Chemistry for Citizens
CH141 General Chemistry I
CH142 General Chemistry II laboratory
CH241 Organic Chemistry I (with Laboratory)
CH242 Organic Chemistry II (with Laboratory)
CH431 Mechanistic Organic Chemistry