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The One

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How To Do Social Interactions Such As Making Friends

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Hello, How Are You?

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The Distraction

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How to Pick Up a Girl

A “how to” guide for college guys who want to pick up a girl in modern times. By Alicia Wall.

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Short film about the hookup culture of today. By Rachel Hawkins.

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Bar Night

A student finds peace in a noisy place.

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The Snowman

This story highlights how today, in most wealthy societies, luxuries are prioritized a lot more than charity, or even humanity. The wealthy couple found more pleasure in decorating their worthless temporary snowman, than in helping the poor old man find some warm clothes. By Farabee Chowdhury.

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Running Trails

A young college runner, frustrated with the monotony of his daily routine, unexpectedly meets a new “opponent” on his regular running trail. By Daria Jones.

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