Bean Boots

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The Student Athlete

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A look into the life of Debbie, a cab driver in Waterville, Maine. By Annie Papadellis, Jenny Chen, Daria Jones.

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Cito Cruz was inspired to provide homesick students with the comfort of company and food. For over thirty years, he has been hosting dinners every Friday, where a group of hungry international and American students are invited into his home and fed a home cooked meal.
By Waylin Yu, Andrew Mealor and Farabee Chowdhury.

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A documentary about Vernon Miller, a Waterville civilian who spends the majority of his time in the hot-spot cafe called Jorgensen’s. He discusses his devotion to Christ, and how his purpose in life is to talk to others. By Megan Lasher, Alicia Wall, Nora Barnard.

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Sign Guy

A documentary about Brian Russo, a senior at Colby College who creates and wears cardboard signs in order to promote kindess and happiness on campus. By Oliver Fornell, Rachel Hawkins, and Randy Person.

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The Indo-Pakistan Relationship – A Perspective

While politician and intellects in India and Pakistan are still engaged in the intense debates about territory and power, Anogniya, a freshman student from Mumbai, India, and Sarah, a freshman from Rawalpindi Pakistan, have something quite different to say. By Farabee Chowdhury.

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Animal Flu

What started off as any ordinary cold season quickly became one of the deadliest winters on the earth. This short trailer highlights the perils of one young college student’s fight with a disease that seems impossible. But Animal Flu isn’t going away and is far more deadly, depressing, and lonely than any woman, man, or animal anticipated. By Daria Jones

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An Epidemic

A student comes down with a mysterious disease. By Drew Mealor

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The American Dream

Colby College students share their insight on the American dream in the modern age. By Waylin Yu.

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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

A Mashup about Apple and how it’s image has changed over time. By Oliver Fornell.

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