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The Student Athlete

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Dark Matter

A short film about secrecy and humanity by Oliver Fornell.

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Bar Night

A student finds peace in a noisy place.

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The Snowman

This story highlights how today, in most wealthy societies, luxuries are prioritized a lot more than charity, or even humanity. The wealthy couple found more pleasure in decorating their worthless temporary snowman, than in helping the poor old man find some warm clothes. By Farabee Chowdhury.

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Kennebec Arsenal

An injured, mentally disturbed soldier seeking help makes his way out of the Kennebec Arsenal. Narrative highlights the arsenal’s stigmatized psycho-pathological history and how we often value fighting a physical war but fail to equally recognize those who are fighting a mental war. By Waylin Yu

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Running Trails

A young college runner, frustrated with the monotony of his daily routine, unexpectedly meets a new “opponent” on his regular running trail. By Daria Jones.

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The Toll Bridge

A man tries to cross a toll bridge. By Drew Mealor

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Three college students are best friends, until a fatal accident severs the relationship of the two remaining members of the trio. By Alicia Wall.

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Our Daily Bread

A behind-the-scenes look at Foss Dining Hall at Colby College. By Jenny Chen.

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30 MPH

A look at new and old Waterville. By Rachel Hawkins.

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The Daydream

A lonely girl sits in the library reading, and we follow her into a daydream in which she makes a friend and is comforted. She quickly gets awaken from this fantasy when the same person taps her on the shoulder. By Megan Lasher

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The Ripple Effect

The image of ripples in relation to human interactions. By Annie Papadellis.

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