For a copy of the CUSRR 2009 program, click here.

CUSRR 2009 Statistics

Participating Students: 70

Participating faculty: 17

Student presentations: 57

Total symposium attendance: 115

Many thanks to the CUSRR Planning Committee and to our financial benefactors,
Colby College, Colby’s HHMI steering committee, Idexx Laboratories, and Artel Inc.

We must also thank Crab Apple Whitewater for their terrific hospitality and to our Keynote Speaker Dr. Scott Murchie ’81 from Johns Hopkins University,¬†who presented a lecture entitled, “New Views of Mercury and Mars: Fire and Ice in the Inner Solar System”.

The most sincere thanks must go to the 70 students who participated in CUSRR 2009.
The quality of the scholarship and of the presentations themselves were inspiring!

Oral Presentation Award

Poster Presentation Award

Ellen Baker

Dana Breakstone



Alec Oot, Bogumil Giertier, & Irina Cazan
(Computer Science)

Ben Rooney

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

Jean Corriveau

Sharonda Bradley

Bridget Reichelderfer

Catarina Ruksznis & Jessica Acker