This website allows students in the class to post but not anyone else. If anyone could post, we would be subject to Spam. The Internet in Cuba is very slow (and expensive), and we do not have the time to sort through it. We will attempt to post most every day, but parents should not be alarmed if there is no entry on any particular day. It just might not be working, or our activities during the day and evening may not allow sufficient time. Data transmission time for photos may be prohibitive.

Itinerary modifications: I have canceled the Saturday afternoon session as agreed. This means you have Saturday afternoon and evening free for exploration and investigation in Havana. Other modifications are pending. I will post when I know them. Remember that Friday afternoon after lunch we are at American Interests Section. Amistur will not type that into our itinerary. Right now I am arguing with Amistur over how close to American Interests they will drop us off for our afternoon session. Our bus will drive right by American Interests, but they will not stop there. It has to be some distance away. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

There are no activities planned on January 14 when we arrive in Miami after an incredibly early start. the afternoon and evening are yours. On the 15th, after our meeting with CANF, we will take a taxi to the heart of Little Havana for lunch and to explore. We will be picked up by bus at 3:00.
Mas tarde