McNair to Hall: September 8, 1979


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Dear Don –

Thanks for your encouraging comments about
my poems.

You asked for fair copies of “The Thin Man”
and “Hair on Television.” I did send you copies –
at least I thought I did – of those two poems
in their revised form. In the event you did not
receive the copies of my later note expressing
the wish that they be sent on to The New Yorker,
here are two new copies and a new request –
to be relayed to Joey – that they be mailed
to the above magazine. Please tell Joey that in
exchange for his services (and his unshakeable
faith in my poems) I will gladly send postage and
envelopes at any time.

You will notice that the revision of my book,
a copy of which you have no doubt received by now,
is somewhat different from the revision I described
a couple of letters back. Again, I do hope you like
the new version.

Incidentally, I’ve never seen that Bly poem on hair.
Do you have a copy of it? Or where can I find it.