McNair to Hall: September 30, 1983

Letter from McNair to Hall, September 30, 1983, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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September 30, 1983

Dear Don,

I’m sorry to hear that Jane can’t ride comfortably.
That leaves out plans for a dinner–for now, anyway.
But yes, maybe we could get together sometime soon. I hope so.

You ask whether you now have any poems that are
forthcoming in the book. I assume you know that “After
the Ice” is in the book, since I sent you a revised
copy of the manuscript with that poem in the last section.
None of the other poems you have is in the book. And yes,
I have gotten permission to reprint all poems previously

Just to make sure about which poems you should have,
I offer the following list of titles which are not in the
book, or in any magazine thus far: When Paul Flew Away;
The Portuguese Dictionary (you ask, “What about The Portuguese?”–
I meant this poem); My Brother Inside the Revolving
Doors; The Before People; The Minister’s Death; The Faith
Healer; Remembering Aprons; Killing the Animals; The Last
Time Shorty Towers Fetched the Cows.

I’m curious: Are there no reservations about


The Faith Healer? I did revise it some after you wrote
your misgivings about the poem this past summer. But
I will remember the misgivings–

Well. If there are none now, about this or
any of the other poems, I’d love to have Joey
send them out.

Please give dear, ailing Jane a pat from us.

Love to you both,


PS–Neurotically enough, I’m curious if I remembered
to put an exclamation point after the word
“inclusion” in the third-from-last stanza of
Remembering Aprons. I note that I didn’t have one
in the copy I typed for myself. Would you please check?

Editorial note about this letter: Below is an anthology of the poems in for the “fall campaign” of 1983. 

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