McNair to Hall: September 14, 1979


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Sept 14

Dear Don –

Problems : I just got a note from the
Women’s Studies Co-ordinator here, whom I
had convinced to schedule a reading for
Jenny Josephs [sic] – and the note informed me
of a call she received from the Public
Information office about a serious conflict
On the 27th, the date she chose for
the Josephs’ [sic] reading. It turns out that
the 27th is the date of an art opening
and the alternative date for Mountain Day.

Unfortunately, a reading on the 28th
would conflict with the normal social
activities of a Friday night – few
students are likely to be on campus.

Under the circumstances, I can
think of only one thing to do: schedule
Ms. Josephs earlier in the week – or
early in the next week. Tuesday
the 25th is open, as is Monday the



I guess the blame for all this is mine,
since I didn’t think to advise the
co-ordinator – who is brand new –
to examine the college calendar before
choosing a date. And I am very
sorry for the mix-up. But perhaps
we can make this work after all.

Please let me know if the 25th
or the 1st will work for you.

Yours in hope,