McNair to Hall: March 6, 1978


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PS. This [Laguna en el Parque Barrio Universitario Concepcion] is our favorite place at the U. of Concepcion,
where D. & I will soon be going once again.

March 6, 1978

Dear Don & Jane —

I find I have made a mistake in the translation of “The
Beggar” which I sent on to you. The first line of that
revision is “It is not possible to live in the city”. I prefer
instead of that, “It is impossible to live in the city”. Why
I typed it the wrong way, I don’t know.

Am anxious to hear from you about the stuff I sent on. Will
send more soon. Since you folks are the only ones who know
what I’ve been up to here, it’s especially important for
me to know what you think.

Hope you will soon be dug out of all the snow which, as
we hear it, falls and falls.

Muchos Saludos —