McNair to Hall: August 26, 1983

Letter from McNair to Hall, August 26, 1983, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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August 26, 1983

Dear Don,

The news about Jane is upsetting. I’m certainly glad to learn she
is now “perceptively better”, and I do hope you pass on Diane’s and my
best wishes. I also hope that your period of chaos will soon pass.

In the meantime, please forget about that poem–or any other–
until I send along a group for submission. I will be giving
you slightly revised versions of the “Paul” poem, “The Faith
Healer” and maybe “Aprons”, too. Also, I’ll retype a couple
or three which have not been sold yet, so you’ll have them all
together. Finally, even though summer has been full of work
to pay for Sean’s college, I expect to have a couple of new pieces.

They play was wonderful. There were certain parts of it, particularly
in the last act, which I want to talk with you about (I hope
we can do that when we get together for dinner). But I
found so much of it so very moving. And of course the audience
was just mad for the thing. You have a deadly ear for the
speech, tone and humor of this area’s people. I’m sure
that, as much as the play’s content, was what got to those who
were there on Tuesday night.

I am, of course, delighted with the possibility of publishing
a second book with Costanzo. It’s also good to know of the
“guarded interest” of Godine, and I thank you for your
efforts there.

We could not, as it turned out, get to the Hale Award ceremony.
I would have liked to see the presentation and to hear the reading
that went with it–but I had to lecture in Claremont, a
very poor substitute. Congratulations, anyway. One more medal for the
uniform, already sagging with decorations!

Love to you and especially to woeful Jane,


Just got the contract (I’m sending a copy) from
U/Missouri Press. Could you look it over and see if it’s OK?
Sorry to be a pest, but I am at a loss about these things—

Many thanks,


Oh–please send it back!