McNair to Hall: August 2, 1977


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Aug 2, 1977

Don & Jane –

Can I be forgiven a few
extra days with your poems?

Honestly, what with fixing
up the house for renters,
preparing the calendar ^etc. for the
Am. Studies program and making
arrangements for departure
(this last was endless), I
just haven’t had time to give
the things you kindly left in
my care the audience they need
and deserve –


I promise proper attention to
all writings when I get to Chile.
You will hear from me soon –about
that and about our adventures
and misadventures.

Thanks for your tolerance.
We will miss you both but will
close the distance soon via
correspondence –



P.S. Superficially speaking, I feel
very positive about the book, and
Don, you know something of what
I feel anyway about Stone walls.
But superficial speaking isn’t good enough. More soon!