McNair to Hall: April 25, 1983

Letter from McNair to Hall, April 25, 1983, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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April 25, 1983

Dear Don,

What good news about Iowa Review! Thanks.
I have sent the bio notes in, as you requested.

I enclose a copy of “The Portuguese Dictionary”,
as I believe your copy has a cross-out
on it. Please use the enclosed as the
“official” version.

I imagine, somehow, that Peter Davison
might like “When Paul Flew Away” and “Mute”.
Did Joey imagine the same thing, by any

I have gotten a new letter from Jerry
(we are now “Jerry” and “Wes”) Costanzo,
who for some reason speaks no “if’s” now
in discussing publication of my book.

Printing it through Carnegie-Mellon seems even
more likely.

Which is OK with me–for more reasons
than the obvious one. I do not wish to be at
Colby more than two years longer. The old
girl now seems certain to founder. If she
doesn’t, there will be no fun on deck.
Diane and I are already preparing ourselves–
psychologically, right now–to push off.

Thanks again for the invitation–I do
hope we can work something out (pen died.)
for that Saturday, or maybe for a
Friday sometime soon.