Hall to McNair: November 2, 1983

Letter from Hall to McNair, November 2, 1983, Page 1, Colby College Special Collections

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2 November 1983

Wes McNair
Box 43
North Sutton, NH

Dear Wes,

Maybe my praise of Ironwood is eccentric…
but it is good, and Cuddihy is hard to satisfy.
I’m delighted.

There is a bunch of four poems which has
been turned down by a lot of good places –
other poems snatched away from their companion –
ship. I wonder if you would be interested in
letting Costanzo see them? I speak of The Minister’s
Death, Thruway, My Brother Inside… The Before

There is another bunch at the New Yorker
right now of course.

Of course there are other magazines –
possibly more prestigious than Three Rivers…
but, as you know, I think it might be a good

If you want to do it, just send your
copies yourself in your own name directly to
Gerry… Then, when he replies, if he does
not take all of them, just let me know which
ones are still available…


But if you would rather Joey sent them out
elsewhere, just say the word.

Best as ever,