Hall to McNair: January 13, 1981


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January 13, 1981

Joseph Amaryllis, Amaryllis Inc.
P.O. Box 71
Potter Place N.H. 03265

For your contribution to The Atlantic Monthly
entitled “Trees That Pass Us In Our Cars”
we enclose a check for $36.00
[Written below: -3.60 = $31.40]
in payment of all rights.

Since the ATLANTIC is interested in first American
and Canadian magazine rights only, we shall be happy, on receipt
of your request, to assign the copyright therein to you, at any
time after the publication date, reserving to ourselves the right to
vend copies of your contribution during the term of the copyright
as a component part of the edition of The Atlantic Monthly in
which it is originally published and for which copyright will be

We are advised that this formal procedure is necessary
to protect your rights, as well as ours, under the very complicated
conditions surrounding the copyright laws.

Very truly yours,