Hall to McNair: December 29, 1983

Letter from Hall to McNair, December 29, 1983, Page 1, Colby College Special Collections

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29 Dec. 1983

Wes McNair

Dear Wes,

Yes, I keep throwing out these little fire-
crackers…and some of them do go off! Of course
this one has only partly gone off so far. I think
it will be a good place to print, and they pay
fairly well. But we will see. I have consulted
Mr. Amaryllis, who claims that there is nothing
available at the moment, but when something is
available, it goes to Bobby the Rich…

And I came home yesterday from Michigan to find
that they had taken all two of my poems, which will
be out in the April edition, which will be the first
issue with poetry, and they wrote a most flattering
letter. I like that sort of thing.

I think you ought to write Robert Richman
and tell him that you are delighted, and that he will
receive poems, but that they will be sent to him
by a friend of yours named Joseph Amaryllis who sends


out your poems.

Love as ever,


A note from McNair about this letter: As this section concludes, both of us have prospects for publication with magazines — and Jane does, too — mine resulting from one more firecracker set off by Donald Hall.