Hall to McNair: December 28, 1983

Letter from Hall to McNair, December 28, 1983, Colby College Special Collections

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28 December 1983

Wes McNair
Hominy Pot Rd.
North Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

Good to hear from you. And it was lovely to see you at
Carlton’s. I do bore you worry about Carlton – he looks bad, and
he seems to be taking this move hard.

Jane has sold five poems in the last week! One to
Seneca, two to APR, and two to Poetry. What a lady to live
with! I did sell one to The New Yorker though. A longish

Very good, selling sixteen books. That is better than
par. You are marketing them well! A+ in marketing! Too bad
about the job…but you have to try for two hundred in order
to get one… It is sort of like publishing a book!

I would be delighted to be contacted about being
an ex-judge at the Devins. $2500 is a lot or a little depending
upon how many manuscripts they want you to read. After judging
for the NEA last summer, I am not in the mood to read very many…
We will see.

I dictate this just before going out to Ann Arbor, and
will not mail it until I get back …in case this seems out of

Love as ever,


A note from McNair about this letter: Carlton, the owner of the bookstore where I signed my book, was about to move to a new store space in New London.