Lab Objectives

Our main message to students is:
First, that we exist, and that we are a unique resource at Colby
Second, that our resources are available and accessible for them to use

During archival labs, we strive to:

  • demystify the archives by introducing students to who we are, what resources we have, and what we do
  • orient students to different types of archival materials & formats
  • incorporate use of primary sources from the archives into class visits & research assignments
  • provide guidance for analysis of primary sources and close reading of documents
  • acknowledge different learning styles by using various types of visual, textual, and audio formats in class
  • encourage students to develop archival research skills & methods by helping them access, use, explore, question, and interpret archival materials
  • give students a glimpse into the kind of research they may do in the field after their undergraduate studies
  • suggest that archival research is inherently different than research students may be used to doing online or in the library– it is a lot more like detective work
  • support innovative pedagogical approaches, classes, and research projects
  • have fun!