Transcription of letter from George [Otis Smith?] to Louise Coburn, 4/18/1901

April 18th 1901

My dear Louise:
An invitation from Frank Hanson
as Sec’y of the N.Y. Alumni asss’n], and also
letter from Prof. Hall came this morning. I will
therefore go to N.Y. tomorrow to do what I can
at the meeting. Since writing the above a letter
has come from Frank Padelford. He has written
me before about petition and I first advised
him to go slow + consult trustees and next
I wrote him that Mr. Giddings heartily approved
such a counter-petition. Now he writes that
He told me not to quote D. At any rate,
Frank is uncertain. Many of the alumni have
signed Bassett’s petition and it seems questionable
whether we will strengthen our position with a
counter-petition which would have a shorter
list. But, I can talk this over with

Prof. Hall at N.Y. tomorrow. I’m glad
that you wrote + quite like to be sent to
the front!

By the way, my uncle Zem takes the western
view – that coeducation is practical + sensible –
no question to be discussed, since experience has
proved this.

In haste,

[Probably George Otis Smith, 1896]