Transcription of letter from Hattie Parmenter to Louise Coburn, 2/8/1900

Hillside. E. Northfield Mass.

Feb. 8, 1900

My dear Miss Coburn:
Will you consent
to act as a member of
the committee to confer
together on the interests of
the Women’s Division of
Colby? Such a committee,
according to the report of
the Alumni Meeting of last
June, was to consist of the
President of the college, two of
the trustees (Messrs. Crane and
King were appointed), the Dean

of the Women’s Division, and
two from the alumnae.
The alumnae members are
yourself and Mrs. Randall
(Alice Sawtelle). I hope that
you will accept the ap-
pointment: for I believe that
the ideals of the alumnae
for the college can be best
furthered by the help of
able members on this com-
mittee. Will you kindly
let me know your decision
as soon as convenient
that I may inform Dr. Butler?

Most cordially yours,
Hattie M. Parmenter.