Transcription of letter from Mary Low to Louise Coburn, 3/3/1891

Augusta, March, 3, 1891.

My dear Miss Coburn,
Can I get from you three or four copies of
the “protest”? A friend wishes to obtain some to send to ladies
in Cambridge, Mass., Mrs.Pres.Eliot among the number. Copies are now
very scarce, and we often have requests for them. I wish we had
had more printed. If you can kindly send me a few, I will pay you
for them. Of course you have heard the result of the new plan as it
appears in the rank of the Freshman class. Only three of the boys
took an “x” and only three or four of the girls. The girls far out-
rank the boys, but are, I believe, below the average of girls in form-
er classes. Prof Hall told me this. I find so many people who agree
with us in this matter. It is dark now, but brighter days are a-
head, I am sure. The wrong will be righted.

I wish you would draw up some sort of a constitution for us to
take action upon next summer. It ought to be done soon, that there

may be no delay when we meet to organize. We must meet on Monday
before the Trustees meet on Tuesday, as we may wish to present some
communication to them. Don’t you think so? Now please think it over
and write something that we can easily agree to.

You are the one to do it. Please write me soon.

Mary L. Carver

P.S. If we could have a constitution or something
of the sort prepared now, it might be sent around to some
of the Alumnae before we meet; in order that they might
have time to think it over a little.